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How dumb do you have to be... ?


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Originally posted by narfblat

The saddest thing is, they aren't the only ones who are that stupid.


Yeah, it doesnt even seem to be uncommon. My theory is that this is how balance is maintained in the universe. Stupid people who do stupid things do something stupid and are then stopped from doing more stupid things (for a while anyway).


Originally posted by Kain

Oh I'm just waiting.

Waiting for an apology.

Because I always said people were stupid.

But nobody believes me.


I think the people who believe you already knew.

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Originally posted by InsaneSith

not everyone who smokes is an ass. These people were stupid from the start.


In fact, many of the greatest musical geniouses in modern time either used to or still use drugs.

Not saying it's good for you though

As the great Al Jourgenson once put it; "I'm not anti drugs, I'm anti-addiction, there's a fine line"

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