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battlefront 1 had mostly 2 maps per planet


what id like to see is 2-3 maps for a one or two major battles featured in the game



Hoth walker assult (atats and speeders)

Hoth Imperial troop landing (trenches and landers)

Hoth Echo Base (imp v rebel troops)



another thing id like to see is vehicles that you can sit on without falling off

Have large maps yes

but have more transport opportunities


And finally



Bf 1's atat is way too small

I cant believe no one has noticed this fact


even better:

have it with an interrior

spawn inside in safely

rapel out the side

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I think they should make it so that you would be able to walk around inside the Capital ships, and actually manuever them! Think about it. You're on the bridge of a Star Destroyer, and you can see the battle outside. And from the bridge, people would be able to control the turrets and also there would be a captain who would manuever the star destroyer. And there can also be a tactical officer or a Co-Captain that can help the Captain strategize their next move. And then there can also be a person that controls the tractor beam if there is one. I think it's a very high chance that you can walk around on the bridge because from the screenshots, you can see turrets and where are the turrets being controlled from? The bridge. Also, the capital ships will be moving so someone has to operate them which is the captain on the bridge.

Also, they should add the Lamda Class Shuttle, which can be used to board enemy ships. And I think the Imperial Officer is going to be in SWBF II right?

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I thought the imperial officers were going to be in the first one because of the pc gamer article but they don't have one.


The thing about manuevering the ships is that you might purposely drive it into enemy ships or accidently into friendlys. On online I wouldn't want a ship holding maybe 50 or more players on my team instantly disappearing with maybe more if it crashed into another friendly.

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id like to see a

Stardestroyer map

not the whole thing (lets be realistic) or a Space Map but a small internal portion of an ISD

possibly the hanger and outlying rooms


initial rebel spawn point would be a 'transport' which would land in the hanger

it would work like the paratroop transport in BF 1942 yet computer controlled and with a setflight plant (trans 1 goes here, if there are two trans 1 would land here other there in the hanger of the stardestroyer


landing procedure

camera in hanger shows transport outside bay

pans as it moves in to the bay and initiates its landing cycle

the shot ends and people gain control of their unit inside the transport as the ganplank is being lowered

when everyone has exited transport it leaves the hanger

it could be destroyable by the enemy but it would best be not to simple (maybe two times the atst's strength)


if person remains on board for extended periods of time

die when the transport is destroyed


the transport leaves hanger

they dont die=no ticket penalty

they just return to the spawn selection screen



transport loading would work by the following

first person to choose 'transport' as a spawn point

spawn timer counts down begins at maybe 10 sec when the first person selects that point marked 'transport' on the map


every person after that (up to transport limit) would just have a shorter 'untill spawn' time


when time hits zero


in game transport landing begins (stipulated above)


the people spawning who number beyond thw first ten would go in another transport with its own 'takeoff time' and so on an soforth

would not be dependent on the transports in the hanger

no set number

no waiting fror transports to return or become available

would be timed so there is always an open spot for a landing


'transport' would only be activated if some one spawns there

if no one spawns there empty transports would not keep arriving


a single person or a number of people less than ten could arrive in the hanger as transport 'takes off' when the timer reaches zero



also another thing


Ship Shields

it would be neat to see shields on the space crafts

charging similar to Republic Commando's shields

also would be directional like the X-wing series

except no switching of power from engins to lasers to sheilds


ust equal, double back, and double front


would add stratigie to those runs on ship turbolasers




ground maps where a capital ship is a spawn point

Capitol ship would hover at a good altitued to one side of the map


It would serve as a take off place for lets just say Republic assault ships and ATTE trasports

the ATTE transport would work similar to the 'transport' above

being computer controlled

ATTE would still be a spawn point

only able to 'exit' the ATTE after it has been dropped off on the battlefield

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Ship Shields

it would be neat to see shields on the space crafts

charging similar to Republic Commando's shields

also would be directional like the X-wing series

except no switching of power from engins to lasers to sheilds


ust equal, double back, and double front


would add stratigie to those runs on ship turbolasers

Agreed fully.


Your Star Destroyer map idea sounds interesting, too.

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theres alot of good ideas for battlefront on this forum


but would it be incorrect to say that the posts here will not drastically influence the development for SWBF2


I am guessing that the development process is probably at a point where gamer input is no longer needed


Battlefront 1's forum I am guessing served as the main source of developer influence for SWBF 2


Battlefront 3 anyone?

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Well, Lucasforums is only a fan forum. The great ideas we have usually fall on deaf ears, even though, sometimes, there's a developper or two that looks at our threads.


The sad thing is them listening to the official forums. When in the video preview from Gamespot, the producer(I think) said that she listened to fan feedback and read the forums, that wasn't Lucasforums, those were the official Lucasarts forums.


The problem with those forums is the sheer lack of moderators, lack of order, lack of ideas being put forth, good ideas, instead, it's pages over pages of whining.


At Lucasforums, there was a majority of members who were opposed to the inclusion of Jedi, which, of course, now are included. Obviously, it wasn't us they listened to, it was the whiners back at Lucasarts.com


A sad reality that we must deal with. We're here to pretty much discuss what we would like, in an orderly fashion, knowning that in the end, nobody will take us into consideration.


The last time I saw developpers taking these forums into consderation was for Jedi Academy I believe and for Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds.

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There are a lot of awesome features obut htis game and certainly the new trailer holds a lot of promise


but so did the last one


my question is - how do i know this isnt a much needed patch being sold as a seperate game? I mean I think teh guys at pandemic rock etc, buti really hope they aren't rushed as they were for this game. Hopefully lots of the ideas have been ironed out :o

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Originally posted by the'cooler'king

its a shame

thoses forums at lucasarts are a waste of server space

to use a euphemism: chaos


Unfourtunatly that is very true. People usually on the forums take advantage of that way to much. But once or twice a dev might come along and see this, but they might not even be a thought of coming into play. But dont be surprised that if something you suggested is in the game because it can happen.

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I think the rebel transport will be the YT-1300 freighter

it could explain the fact that this craft appears in a screen shot I saw somewhere (not the death star map, but in space)

other explaination of this picture could be that its the Falcon a hero craft similar to the hero units


I think it would make more sence if the Empire used a Tie transport rather than the imperial landing shuttle

the craft there using now is more of a ground landing ship

would make a good spawn point on a terrestrial world through

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there aren't many details about this but my guess is that they will be there for only turrent purposes...


or do you mean the big mon cal crusiers and SDs :vsd: instead of corvettes and "frigates"(the medical one that you can see at the end of ESB)?


If you do I'm not sure about that either...

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Well this wont be the first time a game has levels in space. Plus the controls for it are really only one set because the map is 3 deminsional. But I dont beleive the frigets will be pilotable by faction members. There has been talk about non-factional bots in space, and the YT-3000 isnt a rebel nor imperial ship.

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