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Postlude to Holocaust VI: Strangers - Part 2


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Asgardried Cargo Bay, Guy's Ship


Guy: Will you kindly ship put me through to the Aesir, please.




Shadow Base


*The thin gargoyle stretches out his hand and a translucent wave ripples through the air. The ripple hits Ellela and Orthos, knocking them into Matt. Aidan is caught in the wave as well, but rides it backwards, spreading his wings and staying upright. He blasts lightning at the attackers, but their shields absorb it. Aren rolls out of the way. She blocks the blasts from the bikes with her staff and brings one of the bikes down by deflecting blasts back at it. She runs towards her ship, which rises off the ground and opens.


The blue-armored woman stays on her bike and aims it at Aidan. Aidan sends more lightning at her, but it glances off harmlessly. She fires at him point-blank as she approaches on the bike, and Aidan is thrown backwards, stunned.


He struggles to his feet, and the thin gargoyle leaps on him. The two roll over several times, and the thin gargoyle clubs Aidan on the head. Aidan slumps.


Suddenly, the thin gargoyle's throat opens up in a splash of red as a black shape streaks through the air, circles around, whips through the lizard-man's chest and returns in the direction it came from as the two victims fall*


Man in White: *looking up* Blades!


*Above the fray, an open hovercraft, shaped like a small platform with a central terminal rising in the center of the front, descends. Standing on the craft is a thin man in black armor with yellow decorations. He wears an axe symbol over his glowing eyes. A plume of fire burns on the man's head in place of hair, and streaks of flame replace his eyebrows. In his left hand he holds a small throwing weapon shaped like an axe blade. He carries two swords on his back and wears a steely, frightening grin.*


Aren: *whispers* Shane.


*The remaining bike switches targets and fires on the Blade. Shane holds out his right hand and waves the bolts away. His own craft sends two green bolts lancing at the bike, which promptly explodes.


The kidnappers back away. The man in white disappears over the side of the platform. The gray-armored man plants himself firmly on the ground and raises his halberd. The ork twins raise their weapons and flank him. The elf wizard raises her wand protectively. Aren backs towards her ship.*


Shane: *shouting* The Lady Robyn!


*Shane leaps off his craft and lands easily on the landing platform, despite the separating distance of over fifty feet*


Shane: Yes... I have come for you, Lady Robyn, rogue Blade. The customary two Executioners hunt you, of course, but there is no honor in your capture or death by the hands of the Council's tools. *He reaches behind him and draws his swords from their scabbards.* However... *The twin swords ignite in flame* ...your death holds great honor for me.


*He raises the swords* Shall I present the writ of detainment, or... shall we just skip the formalities?

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Shadow Base


*Suddenly a disembodied voice speeks, heard only be the Jedi.*


Flax: Be wary! none here are what they seem. Look for a third way, let the Force guide you.... And for the gods' sakes, keep your blade up Matt, you can't deflect a peble with it pointing straight out!


Taris, Caer Sara.


*Hal shrugs helplessly.*


Hal: How can we know, until they come to pass. We can only have faith, I have faith. If you feel up to it I would like to discuss our enemy in the woods.

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(("none here are what they seem" - clearly Flax is a genius))


Shadow Base


*Shane stands waiting for Aren's answer, unaffected by the ground shaking. Aren stands with her staff held in a defensive position*


Shane: You aren't really planning on fighting me like that?


*The four remaining kidnappers, minus the blue-armored woman who hovers in the background on her bike under a shield, seem to pass unheard communication amongst themselves. The elf wizard suddenly strikes her wand to the floor, shouts something incomprehensible, and light billows from her wand to surround herself and the three others.*


Shane: Oh, why look at this. They intend to attack me first.


*The elf points her wand at Shane. A streak of light an odd shade of puce fires from her wand at him, and quick as thought, he raises one sword to intercept it. The stream of light flies off to the left. Shane crouches and catapults up through the air, landing in the very center of the group of four.


He swings the blade in his left arm at the sword arm of the nearest ork twin. A splash of light erupts as the blade connects with her elbow; the weapon doesn't pierce. Simultaneously, his right sword smashes the armored fingers of the second ork twin, again with a splash of light.


The first ork drops her sword, her elbow reversed in direction, arm dangling uselessly. The second ork drops the morningstar she was holding two-handed, the fingers of her hands broken.


The tank-armored man swings his halberd. Shane leaps out of the way, throwing the sword in his right hand directly at the tank-man's head. The sword rebounds in a splash of light, and the tank-man's head is thrown back.


Shane leaps over the elf wizard's head, lands in front of her and blasts fire into her face. She screams and drops her wand, hands clutching at her eyes.


Shane extends his hand and the first ork's sword leaps into it, surrounded by the same rippling light that the four kidnappers are shrouded in. With another motion he thrusts the sword through her owner's throat.


Second ork twin: *screaming as her sister falls* KIRIIIIIIII!


*The tank-man swipes his halberd again. Shane leaps over it, then leaps again, calling his dropped sword back into his right hand, landing in front of the tank-man and stabbing both swords point first into his glowing eyeslits. The man stumbles forward, eyes leaking glowing light, blinded.


Mere seconds have passed. Aren is backing towards her ship, which has unfolded itself into an open position. She is dialing commands on her armband with one hand, holding her staff with another*

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Asgardried: Cargo Hold


*Heimdall voice just came over the comm*


Heimdall: What should we expect when we drop in at this base holding other group members?



Asgardried: Lounge



*Vidar's voice over the com*


Vidar: Guy has located our kidnapped compatriots and we are now enroute to rescue them. Please prepare yourselves for combat.

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((And why would we have red flagged you? :)


edit: ****ing twins, what is wrong with me? :D))


Shadow Base


*Aren doubles over as if in pain, clutching herself.


She raises her head. Her facial features are changing, the bone structure rearranging itself...


She tosses a small, black, blocky device through the air towards Gortick, Ellela and Matt*


Aren: Take this! My ship... the code is "Leisha"...


*She doubles over again. Her hair shifts color to bright red. She raises her head again, and she is a different person. Her features are sharper, cheekbones higher, eyes of a different shape.


The remaining ork twin runs at Shane, shouting a cry of rage and hurt. Shane watches as she approaches, and simply kicks her aside as she meets him. She falls and tries to catch herself, and cries out again when she lands on her broken hands.


The elf wizard crawls for her wand. Shane leaps and smashes her head into the ground with his boot. She stops moving, blood pooling around her. Shane crouches and holds his swords out. Light beams appear to gather into them, and he brings the swords down on the elf's wand. It shatters.


Simultaneously, the woman in the bike streaks towards Matt, Ellela and Gortick, hitting them with a barrage of fire, forcing them on the defensive. She circles around and grabs Aidan's unconscious body, scooping him onto her bike and bringing up her shield again.


An object flies from Aren's ship and into her outstretched hand. A blade materializes like quicksilver from the object, and a fiery glow of bright crimson surrounds it*




Asgardried Lounge


Marin: What? How much time?




Asgardried, Guy's Ship


Guy: You should expect a magic battle. They are being held at a very large base, run by Shadows, and are currently being attacked by Blade agents. Our best strategy is to stay as unnoticed as possible and engage no one and nothing in combat, even if fired on. Avoid attracting the attention of a Blade if at all possible. I'm sure you can recognize them by their uniforms.


You should probably know that warp-space travel - the kind my ship can provide - could get us there in minutes, because the base houses very strong warp attractors to facilitate speedy travel. We must arrive before the base is demolished. We cannot expect the Blades to take prisoners.


*Alarms sound inside Guy's ship*


Guy: K'Warra? What are you doing?


*Patterns of light are running across and around K'Warra's skin.*


K'Warra: Preparing.


Guy: If you could do that outside... spell performance of that kind could damage this ship's internal machinery...


K'Warra: Then you need a better ship, so it won't be a great loss, will it?

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Tanara and Elaina exchanged glances and Elaina's right hand moved to her belt where her new weapons hung. Tanara took her own lightsaber in her gloved right mechanical hand and glanced at her sister.


"Ready as we'll ever be," Elaina murmured. Tanara smiled and gave her sister a little hug.


"We're ready," she said.

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Asgardried, Guy's Ship


Guy: I see.


*He begins dialing commands*


Guy: *into comm to Asgardried/Heimdall* I'm going to use the separated body of my ship as a decoy. It should beat us to the base by about forty-eight seconds. It will be ninety percent depowered when it enters the area and will be broadcasting a mayday alert. The Blades will hopefully think it's a damaged scout ship arriving back at base with unfortunate timing. We can slip in under its shadow and hope they fire at the bigger target. The Blades should not be present in large numbers, so they will probably not keep firing at a ship that doesn't fire back and isn't running away. When we leave, please use slipstream, or better yet a short hyper jump and then slipstream. They will certainly be tracking hyperspace and warp routes.


*K'Warra is holding a makeshift knife and slicing a deep cut into his arm. Blood gushes out as a major blood vessel is opened*


Guy: *off comm* What are you doing now?


K'Warra: As I said... preparing. *He moves his arm in a wide circle, painting the ship's floor slick with blood*


Guy: Is that... wise?


K'Warra: The alternative is to cut off a limb, and let me tell you, Seer, magic is far more difficult to form after the loss of even a pinky finger than after the loss of blood. Surely you know this.


*Guy opened his mouth to ask Yes, I know this, but why exactly are you feeling the need to bathe my ship in your own blood, but thought better of it, and went back to checking his ship's systems for the battle approaching in less than two minutes.*




Shadow Base


*The woman on the bike lifts off, protected behind her shield, and streaks off into the distance with Aidan, quickly beyond the reach of the landing platform*


Aren: *now standing confidently* Let her go. I can track her.


*Shane rises. His swords and eyes burn brightly. He looks taken aback by the change in Aren's appearance. There is almost a look of respect on his face*


Shane: *bowing slightly* The Lady Robyn. Perhaps I did not truly believe it. Years, it has been...


*Aren does not move. Her single blade burns as brightly as the fire around Shane's. A few more seconds pass, then in a blink of an eye Shane charges her, his swords twin blurs of flame, but Aren's blade moves even faster, parrying and striking. The two twirl in huge circles in a deadly dance, nearly too fast to see.


The second ork twin, deserted by her leader, is the only one remaining of the group's former opponents, the other ork bleeding to death, the elf wizard and the lizardman dead, the others gone. She tries to drag her sister to herself, sobbing, but can accomplish little with her broken fingers. She settles for pressing the palms of her hands against her sister's torn throat, trying to stem the tide of blood, tears running down her face.*

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*Gortick dashes to the end of the platform*


Gortick: DAMN!


Elella: I don't suppose you can fly.


Gortick: DAMN!!!!! *The ground shakes further as his temper rises*


Elella: We'll get him back, Gortick, we can... *notices Shane and Aren.* Oh. I think we'd better let this play out..


Gortick: No time! Her ship! We can use that to get Aidan! Quickly! *he rushes over to the ship and tries to enter*


*Elella notices the two Orks and runs over.*


Elella: Here, let me help. *Attempts to use the force to heal the wounded Ork*

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Shadow Base


*Aren's ship blocks entry with an invisible field of force, although the device Aren had thrown over [to whoever is carrying it] blinks in response to the ship*


Ork: GET AWAY FROM HER! *She tries to shove Ellela away without using her hands, somewhat ineffectually. The blood flow slows, though, and the wound on the other ork's neck closes, although Ellela can sense [presumably] that she is still near death, her spine cut through and windpipe severed*

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*Sir-vin observed the 'Q-and-A', but kept no mind at paying attention. He mind was elsewhere. As Asgardried approches the battle, he walked towards the cargobay ((guessing thats where everyone is leaving from)) his expression fades from distant to serious, then as the ship gets closer and closer, changes to a worry.*


Is it too soon since the war?

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Asgardried: Lounge


*Idona, Idun, Ragnar and Viddall step out of the turbolift into the lounge. Idona eyed Tanara and Elaina as the other three Aesir headed towards the bridge*


Idona *to tanara and elaina: Planning on fighting already? You can put your lightsabers back on your belts. As long as they are handy it is good enough for now.


*Idona turns to Marin*


Idona: Heimdall wants you in the armory so he can give you a crash course in using your ring.


Asgardried *heard ship wide*: One minute before we arrive.

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Elaina cooperated immediately, but Tanara hesitated, her eye color flickering slightly. It was clear that Kira wanted control, but Tanara was refusing. The flickering passed and Tanara put her lightsaber back on her belt, shaking her head slowly as she did so.

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Shadow Base


*The ork looks at her sister and looks startled as she realizes the bleeding has stopped.*


Ork: She... what did you do? What are you doing?


*Aren and Shane continue to duel, giving the impression of a whirlwind of two with burning swords*






Marin: Now?!


*She runs to the armory*

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Gortick: For some untintelligable reason I remember! "Leisha!"


*The door conviently opens*


Gortick: *To self* I have no idea how or why that suddenly came to me. Everyone, let's go!


*Elella turns to the Ork*


Elella: I'll understand if you want to stay in this warzone rather than stick with us.

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((This post may be rough for reason mentioned in discussion))


Asgardried Armory


*As Marin runs into the armory*


Heimdall: Ah, Marin good of you to come so quickly. Now the use or your ring is very simple after the first time. In your mind picture yourself with out the armor then say Ansuz Algiz followed by a keyword of your choice. For example Ansuz Algiz off. After this is done all you will need to do is say the keyword and the ring will be activated. So pic a word you won't accidentally say and will remember you won't want to do this again.


To get everything back you picture yourself wearing the armor and say Ansuz Algiz keyword. Different word from the one to remove your armor. Afterwards you just need to say the keyword.


I should warn you this could be a little painful the first time and you will feel the ring becoming rather a little hot...



Asgardried: Lounge


*Idona turns towards the Eliana and Tanara again*


Idona: When we arrive I want both of you to stay by me. If I tell you something immediatly obey, and do your best to let the force guide you. Now sit down, meditate and clear your mind.



One minute later


Asgardried: We are here and ooh, how pretty.

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