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Thus Far, do you plan to buy SWBF2?


Are you going to buy SWBF2?  

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  1. 1. Are you going to buy SWBF2?

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I've played SWBF1, thought not as a maniac, and generally agree that Movie Battles in JKA is superior in many ways.


I was excited about SWBF2, until I read here and the Beta Forums.


I think the most HUGE factor about my deciding not to get the game would be ot the gameplay, but the attitude of LucasArts in general.


I've been playing thier games since X-Wing came on a set of 10 floppies to play on my 486. Over the years, I have ot admit, thier staff has been less than helpful.


I even emailed them once to get help with an issue, and they deleted my email without reading it (Outlook Read Receipts rule). I mean how much more disrespectful can you get?


Ultimately, I feel that LucasArts is reposible for the actions of the Devs. LucasArts can control what pixel location they want an imperial insignia on the model of a tie fighter.


I heave read in many places about the lack of response from Devs. Especially I have noted ForumPlanet where the Beta Forum is hosted, the Devs don't even repond to help with people who have bugs and can't install the game. Thats so retarted, its below words to properly describe thier worthlessness.


In contrast, Look at Empire at War. http://swempireatwar.10.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?t=308

Here the Devs take time to do a Q&A with just plain old Fans. (They do this far in advance of a beta, and host thier own forums for the community) They also do plenty of updates to show what they have been doing in regard to making the game. Thus far, I appreciate thier intrest in the community more than that of Pandemic. Worth mentioning also, Petroglyph has gone out of its way to make almost anything about EaW moddable. So Moddable in fact, thier is already a mod in the works, before the game has even been released!




A Developer response to the community is important to me. A product of any kind will in the end be purchased by the individual, not its creator. Thus why large corperations spend millions in surveys to find what people want! But here, like I mentioned ealier... Got a bug in the Beta you just paid for? Tough luck, they don't care. Probably have a liscense you agree to that says thier not obligated to help you.


I've even taken note that many perviouse SWBF1 gamers have no intrest in purchasing the new one.


I can wait until its $20 on sale.


So, back to the question at hand... Do you plan to purchase Star Wars Battlefront II new?

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I never got bit harder on a game than SWBF. I got up at midnight to get the DVDs and game. I took a day off of work to play with it. First disappointment, NO VOIP, I was ticked, man they jipped us. Find out like a week later they pulled the plug on it at the last minute. Then I saw the first person graphics and thought "Man Im glad I ate breakfast three hours ago cause Id be throwing it up right now" Graphics were awful, then the netcode was an absolute pile of crap that never really got solved. Granted there were some fun moments but they never even fixed the game. NO WAY I WONT PAY. Maybe if I find it in my kids cereal box Ill give it a whirl. In the words of The WHO "We dont get fooled again"

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As a point, Empire @ War is created by Petroglyph, the team made of former Westwood Studios employees. Westwood made the Command And Conquer series which are well known for being mini-masterpieces in their own right, and they have great support for the CnC community.


Heck, they randomly just visit forums, post quips etc when they're bored, so people can have a word with them. How's that for community support? (I disregard Generals as that's an EA Game BTW, and EA and Lucasarts have similar attitudes IMHO).

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...I even emailed them once to get help with an issue, and they deleted my email without reading it (Outlook Read Receipts rule). I mean how much more disrespectful can you get?...

Read Receipts are not hard to block and some things block them by default.


If I don't buy the game new (depends on how much free time I have), then I'll get it when its cheaper ($10-$19) on eBay.

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Well, why are there democrats in a republican-controlled senate?


I do not think that is a good example. How about:

Why do people who hate reality TV shows, watch reality TV shows?


A possbile answer to the original question: Because liking SWBF2 is not dependent on liking SWBF1.

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It's only £30, i preordered it though...

Why are people who hate battlefront on a battlefront II message board?

Through Game stores? My ol' "Comrade in arms" has done that. Look forward to tag-team Battlefronting. Next best thing next to Halo 2 co-op.


Well, I believe your question was answered, although with BF1's gaming record, I dunno how people could expect more from BF2. I don't recall BF1 being perfect either, so an imperfect sequel to an imperfect prequel.


Well, at least I get to massacre Jedi. "All hail the CIS!" etc.

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I will preorder it tomorrow, Im NOT such a Star Wars crack that i want all the right colors for any Unit, the only 2 thinks i dislike from SWBF1 were the AI and the boring "Capture the Commandpost" Gameplay...


The AI has been improved, i really hope improved not just make em moving a bit more accurate, and there are more Gamemodes now, so my problems with SWBF were fixed and i can order it without any fear

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