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NeoMarz's Ultimate Clone Pack VM


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:angel: :angel: :angel: News Update :angel: :angel: :angel:


Well guys, your probably wondering why I havent sent you the maps for the clone, right?

Well my PC's power supply went south, so I had to send it in for repairs. I was freaking because nothing had been backed up, but I'm happy to report everything is working now. Now I just have to look at the E-mails, and set you guys up. See who is going to do what. Some of the models will need the extra parts for the varients, but you will have the basic clone model to skin.


Why does the screens show one shoulder pad? Because I need to "duplicate" those parts. The clone still needs to be segmented, and parts duplicated... That being said the release date has been bumped forward. Thanks for the e-mails, and I will get back to everyone very soon. Mars out!

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:angel: :angel: :angel: News Update 2 !!!!!! :angel: :angel: :angel:


O.k. Here is the first draft of Authors... This may change a little depending on "Zappa O's request".


"Zappa O"

I'm assuming All the Classic Clone Varients From Episode II,

But I am still waiting for Zappa's specific requests.

Zappa if you are interested we can model something for the new clone Commander type from the comic strip (posted on page 1)



"Dark_Cuillere" Wants to do

Commander Cody (orange ep3 Clone)


"Ruku" Wants to do

Commander Bly

Commander Thire (new red)

Commander Gree (new Green)

Needs more parts.


"Tesla" wants to do

Arc Troopers

Navy Blue



We need to get some parts for this varient.


"MarcusLeCoy" Wants to do

501st Clone (new Blue)



Clones that no one has offered on...

Clone Commandos

Purple Clone Commanders


Now I am going to send the base maps tonight, but remember... This list may change a little. I will have the final Author list by Sunday evening (hopefully) or Monday. I want you guys to put out the best skins you possibly can. Time is important, but quality is real important. Remember this pack has to be something that people will want to keep (even after a Hapslash release). I am familiar with most of your works, and I am confident we can put out something really cool. Sincerely Mars


O.k. Maps are sent. Any questions, get back to me soon.

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