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NeoMarz's Ultimate Clone Pack VM


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Sorry if I came off as arrogant, I'm not here to start anything negative here.


It's just, I'm a kid, I'm not well known I love this guy, and I don't want to be the poor fool that gives the JA community a 5th clone model. I guess I'm a bit anxious and over-enthusiastic =D.

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why dont you wait till he post the progress instead of asking or talking about useless things?


Well here is where I am at... Skinning the small parts, I had a small vacation this last weekend, so i'm set back a little. I will consider as many clone varients as I think I can handle. Even the one in that cool comic strip, posted above. We will see, this is a bit taxing to try and get them all in, but a possible endever. By the way Ninja... I'm sorry I havent gotten back with you on that project we were talking about, I'll let you know if I decide to do more on that. Marzout!


shouldnt be to much longer till things start pulling together. No screens yet, keep checking. Marzout again...

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:angel: :angel: UPDATE :angel: :angel:


Here is the latest screenshot... It shows more details of all the parts. Basically I need to line up some of the textures. There are a few misalignments, but not too much to tweak. As soon as thats done, I can send out the base maps, and we should be moving along really good on the varents. Marzout!



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:angel: :angel: Skin Submission Guidelines :angel: :angel:


O.K. I have the base maps and skins complete. If you want to help follow these guidelines.


1) send a screeshot of your most recent work.

2) send a screenshot of the varient you wish to do.

3) Understand that I will not consider everyones work. If a varient has been claimed by another person, then you may choose another.

4) Understand that I "may" make minor changes to your work.

5) Then give me the name you wish to be mentioned as in the readme.


6) If I consider your work, then I will in turn send you the base skin pack. Later screens of your work will be posted here.


7) Deadline for "Request" is no later than November 23/05, but keep in mind that skins must be done in a timely manner, because I'm shooting for a release date of Novemver 30th (if not sooner).


8) Please scan your files for Virisis before you send them!!!!!!



If a varient has model bits that need to be added, I may model those for you. However, if you wish to model the parts, you need to send me some screens of your work.


Send your work neomarz1@sbcglobal.net

title of e-mail must say "Clone Skin Submissions"


Thanks for your interest, Sincerely Mars R. Marshall

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