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Frenzy-ing strategy


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Ok guys, I spent 2 whole days playing online,trying to get legendary status. I got 64, even more medals for frenzy. Still there is no elite rifle.This is what I found in one of the hints to the game.(http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/xbox/code/927130.html) I'm sure rules for x-box arte the same, althought i play pc version.Notice the last sentence.


Unlockable Medals and Award Weapons

You start off with all your medals at 0. This is Green status.

To unlock an award weapon for a specific medal you must first gain 4 medals in that category to achieve Veteran status for that medal. Then when you successfully obtain the medal you will gain your award weapon. You must switch to it to use it.

Veteran status allows you to gain an award weapon and also gives you a 30 second grace period in which if you die, you will respawn with the award weapon. If you die after this 30 second grace period, you have to earn the medal/weapon again.

Elite Status gives you the advantage of lowering the requirement for that particular medal by 25% e.g. Elite status in Frenzy will let you gain the Frenzy award with only 9 kills instead of 12, therefore making it easier to gain.

Legendary Status allows you to permanently unlock the Award for that medal. You still start with the default weapon and must switch to the Award Weapon after entering combat.

Heroes cannot obtain medals, except in the case of the Mos Eisley Assault level, where you can earn Endurance, Guardian and War Hero.

These are all gained in Single Player mode. Can only be used on XBL if the server allows it.



Its strange because you have grace priod, that means you can have elite status in multiplayer. I am sure i got 64 plus medals in frenzy by now, I counted them as I earned them. Still....no elite rifle. Why??? Did lucasarts turn of legendary status for multiplayer?


Is there anyone with permanent elite rifle or other permanent award weapons in MULTIPLAYER????? I havn't met anyone yet.

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I find it easy to get on wide open levels or narrow levels.Levels like felucia and endor are hard to get them because of all the cammoflage.You cant see threw all of it.Never stop running always helps me to.Try and shoot two people next to each other.If you have aim ascistants onces you kill one it should probly lock on the to the one standing beside it.But thats just the way I do it.Probaly wont work for most people.

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I got Legendary Frenzy By Going on the Death Star, Tantive and being a marine on space battles the pilots dont put up much of a fight


I am Legendary in-


War Hero




Elite Rifle

Flechette Shotgun


Thats another great way to do it.The hardest part is getting you ship there.

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I prefer to fight in a space battle and do the following:


1. get into a transport ship

2. wait for all my comrades to get in the ship

3. once they're in the ship, fly over to the enemy hangar

4. land the ship and make sure all the soldiers are out

5. shoot every enemy i see


this way, you can shoot all the enemies who always seem more interested in getting to their ships than shooting the guy who just invaded their ship


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