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Star Wars: Shadow Wars

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Please identify yourself.”


“Sara Klint, pilot of the Northstream. Requesting an approach vector for the Jedi Temple.”


Ah, welcome back, Ms. Klint. The temple dish up another group for you?


“You’ve got it.”


Very well. Everything checks out – we’re sending you the approach vector now. Have a pleasant visit.


“Don’t I always?”


Captain Sara Klint sat in the pilot’s chair of her vessel, closing the comm. channel as the coordinates were scanned and placed into the ship’s guidance system. The console hummed and beeped a few moments, and the transfer was completed. Sitting back, Sara allowed the auto-pilot to take care of the rest.


Just another boring, cross-galaxy flight with a bunch of Jedi blowing up my cargo hold with their light-wand things… she thought with a sigh.


Little did she know that a transmission was being relayed at that exact moment to Master Luke Skywalker that would mark the beginning of a long, hard journey…




“There’s no thermal readings at all. Carbon readings are off the chart; radiation too. There’s nothing out there, sir.”


“You’re sure of that, Corporal?”


“Positive. According to these readings, no known life-form could possibly survive these surroundings.”


“Understood. Pull the Saranac out and regroup with the Python.”




“Dana? What’s happening?”


“I’m not sure, Lieutenant. The feed’s being interrupted – transmitions are jamming up.”


“Can it be fixed?”




“What? Dana?”


“I’ve never seen encoding like this…it looks faintly like – ****, it’s spreading!”


“It’s what?”


“Lock up in motors, sir – I can’t move!”


“There’s been a rupture in the engine room. Engine four’s core’s gone nova!”


“Lieutenant! Look!”


“By the Force…is that a ship???”


“I want all pod bays armed – wait a second…what the…HIT THE DEC---!”




“The transmition cuts out there.”


“And neither the Saranac nor Python have been found?”


“None, Master. It’s as if they’ve disappeared from known space…not even wreckage.”


Jedi Master Luke Skywalker sat with chin in hand as he surveyed the Knight before him. This news was troubling…what was this mysterious ship that seemingly vaporized the two Republic cruisers into spacedust? And to have done it so quickly, appearing out of no where…


“Master Skywalker?”


The blonde-haired, blue-eyed Master snapped again to the present.


“What should we do, sir?”


Thinking for a moment, Luke sighed, and stood. “Nothing, for now. The Republic is continuing its search, I trust?”




“Then I see no reason to fret, as of yet. Do not inform anyone else of what you have told me. We all need a rest after this past week, the students don’t need to be burdened with these worries.”


“Of course, sir. Oh, and Miss Klint has arrived.”


“Very good. Give her the instructions.”


“Yes sir.”


Skywalker sat down again once his companion had left. Hunching over, he rested his elbows on his knees and rubbed his hands together.


To appear and disappear like shadows…

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Green and Blue sparks and flashes flew all over the place in the Training Area of Master Luke Skywalker's Jedi Praxeum on the moon of the Gas Giant Yavin, Yavin IV. It was the cause of Zhane Kenobi, a descendant to the great Jedi, Obi-Wan Kenobi, sparring with his Master, the Battlemaster of the Order, Kyle Katarn.


"You're getting better Zhane. Just don't let it grow over you," Kyle told his teen apprentice, swinging from upwards.


"Well, you are so very strict, no wonder i would not fall to the Dark Side," Zhane joked, parrying the swing and pushing Kyle back with his Green Lightsaber.

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"You want to give me what?" Kathryn Bryant demanded incredulously. She stood, hands on hips, scowling at a rather small locked panel inside the Eagle's Wing.


"Crystal Gray's lightsaber," Eagle repeated. "Now I know you're not much for using Jedi weapons. After all, you've got that fun little sword of yours to use. But a lightsaber on your belt gives you an element of credibility the sword would not."


"I'm a mercenary that sometimes takes assassination jobs," Kat objected. "How in all elements known to intelligence am I going to need credibility? 'Hi! My name is Kat Bryant. I'm here to kill you and steal your top secret cloaking device that ain't so secret after all! G'night!'"


"You're so sarcastic," Eagle complained. The little panel unlocked and opened, revealing Crystal's lightsaber. "Just put it on your belt. You don't have to use it."


Kat stubbornly crossed her arms over her chest. "No!" Reaching over, she attempted to close the panel, but it remained open. Kicking the wall, Kat grumbled, "All the ships in the galaxy and Crystal chose to repair you..."


"Hey!" Eagle snapped indignantly. "Crys and I really had a connection! I asked her to marry me, you know. But she was so sensitive... she knew I'd live so much longer and couldn't bear the thought of making me sad when she died..."


"And yet, you were," Kat sighed. "Fine. I'll take the saber..."


The panel slid shut and Eagle gave something of a laugh. "No, you won't. You mock Crys, so you don't deserve it."


"Fine!" Kat retorted. "I won't take it."


The panel slid open. "Take it!"


Kat reached in, but the panel closed on her hand. "Oww!"


"Oops!" Eagle said innocently. "Have I hurt you, dear Kat?"


"You might start by opening this panel," Kat hissed. The panel slid open and Kat took the saber out. "Thanks. Now can I go do this job and get out of here?"


"Oh, sure!" Eagle answered cheerfully. The boarding ramp slid down right in front of Kat. "Be careful!"


"As always," Kat promised. She clipped the lightsaber to her belt and checked to be sure her sword was securely fastened to her belt. Then, she set off at an even run through the streets of Coruscant.


- - - - - - - - - - -


Ten minutes later, Kat stood just outside a tall apartment building. As she looked up at it, she pulled out a comlink. "Eagle, I'm here. You have the layout and guard positions and whatnot?"


"Can I fly?" Eagle retorted.


"That's debatable," Kat quipped. "Send the info."


She took out a datapad and switched it on. Seconds later, the screen filled with information from Eagle. "Thanks. I'm going up!"


With a quick glance to her left and right, Kat jumped. Stabilizing and propelling herself by telekinesis, she continued to rise. Finally, she reached the top, a balcony just outside a luxury apartment. After taking a deep breath and letting it out, she threw herself against the glass and fell to the balcony with a dull thump. Startled, the apartment's owner rushed over to find what appeared to be an unconscious young woman on his balcony. Suspicious, but concerned, he tapped on the glass. When she didn't rise, he opened the door slowly and reached out with a foot to touch her. At that, she sat up, gasping and holding her head.


"Oh, that hurts..." she moaned.


"You, uh..." the man stammered. "You can't be on my balcony."


"Tell that to the jerks that tossed me out of a speeding air taxi," Kat hissed. "At least let me through so I can get off your balcony without taking a flight that will certainly end in death."


Cautiously, the rich young man let her in and followed her to the door. Just as she stepped past him, an unseen force slammed him into the glass, shattering it and forcing him into unconsciousness. Hurriedly, Kat raced into the apartment, gathered three datapads off the man's desk and rushed back to the balcony. Just as the man recovered his senses, he saw the girl leap off the balcony and continue to rise. He squinted at her in confusion and immediately called the police.


"She just kinda... flew out of here," he explained.


"With what, some kind of glider?" the policeman asked. The man shook his head.


"No, no," he answered. "No wings, no jet pack... nothin'. Just sorta floated away... pretty fast too."


The police wrote it off as a paranoid, drunk, rich man who'd stumbled through his own balcony doors and then started seeing things.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


The police chief knew better.


"There's the info you asked for," Kat told him, placing the datapads on his desk. "All written by his own hand, recorded in his own voice, seen by his own eyes."


"Much like a flying girl he reported earlier this morning?" the chief asked. Kat laughed.


"Who got to tell him it was his imagination?" she wondered.


"Oh, make no mistake," the chief chuckled. "We tell him we'll look for the flying girl with no jet pack just to satisfy him, to keep him off our back until we bring him down with the info you swiped." He paused. "Just how does the 'no jet pack' thing work?"


"All women are a mystery," she told him, smiling. "I'm just more of one than any of the others. Good day, chief."


"New Republic thanks you for your services," the chief told her. She nodded and left the station.


"Where to next, Eagle?" she asked once she was safely aboard her ship again.


"Got a call from Skywalker on Yavin IV," Eagle answered. "I don't know about you, but it seems to me sometimes Jedi work can be fun."


"Get us moving," Kat answered. Eagle rose from the landing pad and entered an outbound traffic lane.


"Yavin IV, here we come!" he said cheerfully.

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“That’s enough for today.” Jethro stated after Kyla destroyed the last remote for the training session. They had been practising in the training rooms for 8 hours straight now and it was time to get some food and rest.


“You’ve pretty much wrecked all of our remotes sis. The next shipment won’t arrive before next week, so I guess we’ll have to continue practising duelling tomorrow.” Jethro said. “and I bet she made sure of that herself.”


“Finally, I was getting tired of blowing up remotes.“ Kyla responded, breathing a bit heavily. They both started walking towards the training room’s exit.


“Well you’ll get the chance to fight me again sis and there is no need to try and act as if you didn’t know about the delayed shipment.“ He answered, aware of her little scheme.


“Can’t hide anything from you now can I? “ she said laughing while entering the hallway together with Jethro.


“Not a chance sis…Anyway, I’ll be outside if you need me“ They both went their separate ways, and went out of sight.


Jethro left the Jedi academy and went into the forest. There was this one particular spot Jethro always liked going to. About 2 miles away from the academy’s side entrance, there was a small lake with a waterfall at it’s side. He always used to lie down right next to the stream of water and watch the lower parts of the forest at broad daylight. There was a magnificent view on the rainbow storms from there as well. It was nearly nightfall, but the rainbows were still clearly visible in the sky. Jethro decided to lie down and rest there for a while, since there wasn’t anything urgent to be done anyway.

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Va’ala kept her blaster pointed at the captain of the heavy freighter Farcry with one hand as she tapped keys on the control panel with the other.


“You’ll pay for this, you know,” said the captain, a heavy set Nabooan human with greying hair and a large beard, and a belt that barely kept his portly midriff from sagging to his knees.


“Yeah, yeah,” said Va’ala, rolling her eyes. “Like I haven’t heard that line before.”


“You can’t just leave us here without hyperdrive!” the captain protested. “We’re in the middle of nowhere!”


“You’re in the middle of the Kessel Run,” Va’ala said. “Someone will find you.”


“If they don’t crash into us first,” the captain said, flatly irritated.


She finished punching in the keys. “Look, I’m sorry about your engines, but if you had just done what any ‘normal’ law abiding captain would have done, and just answered our fake distress call like everyone else has before, then none of this would have happened.”


“So, you’re saying that this is all my fault?”


Va’ala paused to consider. “Well…yeah.”


“I don’t believe this….” The captain made to move towards her, but she held him at bay with the blaster.


“Hey, Hutt boy, back off! I have no qualms about shooting you in the leg. ‘Painful, but not fatal.’ That’s my motto.” She hit the com button. “You nerfherders finished loading those lugjack machines yet?”


”Erm…sort of, boss,” came a slow, static filled reply.


Va’ala’s eyes narrowed. “What do you mean ‘sort of’? It’s a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ question, Bob.” She sighed with annoyance and looked at the captain. “You’ve been a captain a long time. Tell me. Do you ever get the feeling that you’re surrounded by idiots?”


“All the time.”


She hit the com button again. “What’s the problem, Bob?”


"Bob is the problem," came a new voice over the line, "That nerf brain managed to get a Lugjack machine stuck in the cargo door, I'm down there now fixing it up."


Va’ala sighed. “Oh, good grief,” she muttered. She hit the com again. "Well hurry it up, Krell. You know this run is busy we might get company any time."


"Thanks for the info, Cap'n." His voice changed to a twang. "'Cuz you know I ain't never run a job on the Kessel run, being some green-backed sithspawn of a moron from way out yonder."


"You can keep your sarcasm to yourself, laserbrain," she grumbled, without pressing the send button.


On the cargo deck of the Farcry, Krell shook his head, and pulled out his blaster. "Bob get away from that damned machine!" and without giving the man more than a second or two, he lifted both blasters and turned the machine into a lump of melted metal and plastic. He turned around.


"Get the damned Wookie up here to move this hunk of metal!" Krell called through the airlock into the Reiver’s cargo bay.


Krell reached up and tapped his com. "Alright, Cap'n, I got the problem taken care of. Just two more machines to move over and we'll be done.” He paused. “Can I space Bob now?"


Va'ala sighed. "For the last kriffin’ time, no."


She turned to the captain. “Well, it’s been a pleasure doing business with you,” she said to him. “But, gotta fly.” She began to back out of the control bridge. “Don't worry. I set up a distress beacon to go off after we leave and hopefully someone unlike you will answer it and find you.”


“Oh, isn’t that nice,” the captain said sarcastically. “And here I thought you were evil and cruel.”


Standing at the threshold, Va’ala gave him a look. “If I was evil and cruel, I’d leave you with Bob.” She saluted him with her blaster, and then closed the door behind her, making sure to blast the control panel so there would be no acts of heroics from the pudgy captain or his small control crew.


“Krell,” she said into her personal com link. “Get those engines fired up and let’s get out of here.”

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“Already on it cap'n,” came Krell's voice through the comm, he had moved through their ship rapdly and was on the bridge, sitting in the pilots seat he threw switches and got the ship ready to go as soon as they were undocked. Their wookie pilot came in a few moments later having taken care of the lump of metal and Krell shifted over into the co-pilot's seat. Krell knew how to fly a ship, and was pretty good at it. But Wabacca was born in a pilot seat as far as the Corellian could tell.


Krell was a tall man, of medium build, muscled but could use to lose a few pounds probably. He was fast with his guns and his mouth, he'd been the pilot before they had found Wabacca, and had been gunner for awhile after that. Till Va'ala had taken over, then Krell's seniority had put him into second in command. And he was happy there. Captains were targets, and Krell preferred not being a target, so he had made a situation that gave him power, but no big concentric red circles on his forehead. It worked out well, he took good care of the ship, kept her in power, and she put up with his ****.


“I'm on, get us out of here,” came Va'ala's voice on the comm.


“You heard the cap'n get this hunk of junk movin' furball!”


“Rrreooagrahh Ooooraghah!”


“You just get us movin' or I'm gonna skin ya.”


The wookie grumbled a bit more, but the ship was already under acceleration, and after a few moments they were in hyperspace.


Krell glanced up as Va'ala came onto the bridge, a little smirk on her lips. “That went fairly well, other than the Bob incident. And, before you ask, no you still cannot space him. He may have a thick skull, but he's been around a long time, and he means well.”


“Means well, like that makes up for wedging a damned Luckjack machine in the airlock? That thing was worth more than his share of this damned trip.”


“Which is why he won't be getting paid for this trip,” Va'ala rolled her eyes, “Use that rock you keep between your ears Krell, I'm going to my quarters for a relaxer.”


“This wookie bastard has everything under control, mind if I tag along? I happen to have gotten a hold of some Crash n' Burn, just what is needed to get the edge off.” That variant of spice had only shown up a year or two back, it had gotten popular fast though. It had a lesser addiction rate, a longer high, and a less harsh downer after the high. Which was strange considering it's name.


“Alright fine, c'mon,” Va'ala ducked through a second door in the bridge off to the side that let into a small ante chamber, with a desk and such in it. Her 'office' it looked unused for the most part, the desk had some datapads strewn ontop of it, and the chair was knocked over. They both ignored the room as they passed through another door into the captain's quarters. Bigger than any of the other quarters it had a single bed against one wall, with a desk next to it. The other wall had a holo screen, with a table under it and three chairs around the table, there was a couch on the third wall. And of course the door on the fourth.


Krell dropped onto the couch as Va'ala pulled off her jacket and tossed it onto the table, the room wasn't very clean, with clothes piled haphazardly about, empty spice canisters littered the table, and a trashbin had more in it. There was a half drank bottle of something unlabeled on the table, and Va'ala popped the cork in it and took a long drink.


“Well what are you waiting for?” She asked ash Krell watched her drink, he blinked then dug into a pocket pulling out some small metal canisters, he tossed her one, stuck the second to his wrist and activated it.


“Ahhhh,” he sighed and slumped a bit more into the couch, she watched him a moment,then laid out on her bed, took another swig from the bottle, recorked it and did as he had, drifting off into the world of never never land.

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The Republic Admiral, Vok Onasi stood in Mon Mothma's office on the Planet, Coruscant, the heart of the Republic. Vok had wondered why Mon Mothma had called him. She must know that he had a Republic to run.


"What is it?" Vok asked as he entered the office.


"I'm glad you're here," Mon Mothma told him, "I have a request for you. I need you to go the Jedi Academy on Yavin IV."


"The Jedi Academy?" Vok asked, "I'm no fan of the Force, but go on."


"Master Luke Skywalker has requested your prescence." Mon Mothma continued.


Vok wondered why, but he always took his orders, no matter what they were. He walked towards the hangar and left for Yavin IV.

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At the academy on Yavin IV, master Corran Horn is training his padawan Ryan. Ryan finishes reading the datapad that his master gave to him.


"Have you finished reading young padawan?" His master asked.


"Yes master." Said Ryan giving the datapad to his master.


"Since it isn't the first time that you read that datapad, I will not ask you questions. Let's go to the training area shall we?"


"Alright, master."

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Admiral Thrawn Nuruodo II was sitting in his command chair aboard his Star Cruiser Origin. In order to preserve the secrecy of his identity, only the highest ranking officers aboard the Origin knew about him. He spent most of his time in a large command room, very similar to the one the original Thrawn had on his Star Destryoer Chimarea He was listening to the last message of the Sarnac, his eyes closed, deep in thought.


“I want all pod bays armed – wait a second…what the…HIT THE DEC---!”


The message ended. Thrawn II opened his red glowing eyes and stood up from the command chair. His com device beeped.


''Yes?'' He said with the same cold and calm voice of the original Grand Admiral Thrawn.


''Sir, this is Captain Hall, we've received an urgent message from Coruscant.'' The officer said.


''What do they say?'' Thrawn Nuruodo II asked calmly.


''They are ordering us to return to the Capital. We are to pick up Admiral Vok Onasi and transport him to the Jedi Academy on Yavin IV.''


''I see. And did they happen to mention why us?'' Thrawn II asked.


''They didn't give any details, sir, they said we'll be told everything once we reach the Capital.''


''Very well, Captain. Set course for Coruscant and engage the hyperspace drive.''


''Yes, sir, Hall out.''

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OOC: OMG. A guy goes to sleep and rest posts 2 meters posts.



Kyle and Zhane kept swinging and parrying, a duel that was already getting prolonged. Zhane then parried another hard strike from Kyle, but was knocked to the floor. He followed by a nip-up with a double-feet kick to Kyle's chest knocking him to the ground. He then put the tip of his blade nearby Kyle's neck.


"Why do i feel your going to be the death of me?" He asked Zhane, laughing and getting up.


"Well, maybe you need some more Dark Jedi to beat," Zhane told him, "Or you're just half-senil." He laughed.


"Oh, it seems we are not alone," Kyle told Zhane, noticing Corran Horn and his apprentice, Ryan Lightbringer.

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Ex-Zar and his small fleet had been patroling the Kessel run system. This was due to the increased amount of pirate activity, which was keeping much needed supplies from getting to his men, and their families.


"Sir, hyperspace signature detected, looks like an unclassified ship, I'd say it was a pirate, what do you say sir?" said the one of the deck officers to Ex-Zar.


"I'd say bring the fleet into formation, and predict its trajectory. Bring the ship infront of its trajectory, and activate the grav wells" said Ex-Zar in response. "Bring it out of hyperspace, once thats done, pull her in with the tractor beam" said Ex-Zar. The ships huddled up, and within moments a small ship came carreening out of hyperspace, caught in the grav well of the large ship. Not to long after that the ship was being pulled toward the massive Star Destroyer. Caught in its unbrakable tractor beam grasp. It looked to be a medium size freighter, a bit odd for a pirate ship, but subtlety is key, thought Ex-Zar. Ez-Zar headed down to the loading bay, where he would join in on the boarding of the ship.

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Vok's X-Wing was approaching Yavin IV. Vok had only been to Yavin IV once before and that was thirty years ago, when the Battle of Yavin begun. Of course then, he wasn't a General, but he was one of the greatest Soldiers in the Rebellion at the time.


The Jedi Academy was in sight and Vok landed inside the Jedi Academy hangar. Perhaps his old friend, Kyle Katarn would greet him. He had his doubts though. Jedi were always busy, either training a Padawan or on official business.

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(Pottsie, man you must have missed my post, my char was ordered to pick you up and transport you to Yavin, but never mind, I'll fix it now)


The Mon Calamari Star Cruiser Origin orbited the fourth moon of the Red Giant. Vok just left the hangar bay in his X-Wing and went to the surface. Admiral Thrawn Nuruodo II sat in his command room and watched his fellow Admiral's descent to Yavin IV.

That message was still replaying in his head. The last message from the Sarnac. The screams of the crew echoed in the mind of Thrawn II. With all the tactical genius he inherited from his father he couldn't figure out the nature of this threat, or the Sarnac's fate. He would wait for Admiral Vok to finish his little chitt-chat with Skywalker and hopefully the two Admirals could together form some idea as to what was happening.

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(Okay sorry igyman. I was tired from coming home from School.)


"Are you here for something?" A Jedi Padawan asked.


"Yeah, I here to speak to Master Skywalker," Vok told the Padawan, "Could you take me to him?"


The Padawan nodded and led Vok to the elevator.


"This will take several minutes." The Padawan told Vok.

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(I think we should keep Off-Topic now. Note I've left this Post on a cliff hangar. It's up to ForceFight what I should do.)


The elevator stopped and the Padawan led Vok to Master Skywalker's chambers. Vok could see the Jedi Master meditating on his platform.


"I'm sorry to disturb you Master Skywalker," The Padawan began, "But Admiral Onasi is here to speak with you on Mon Mothma's behalf."


Master Skywalker stood and smiled.


"Okay Padawan," Master Skywalker told him, "You may return to your training."


The Padawan bowed to Master Skywalker.


"Thank you Master." The Padawan told Master Skywalker, before leaving.


As soon as the Padawan left, Master Skywalker turned to Vok.


"Now what do you need?" He asked.

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John walked through the space station known as 'Station X1Z'. It was a small research station and a refuelling depot. The research part of the station is mainly focused on the gas giant Yavin, it conducted several scans of the planet sometimes sent probes. However they have recently been searching for a certain rare gas called Protonian which when combined with several other gases, it will turn into a few fuel called Brotonan which is vatal for the prototype of a new hyperdrive engine which is estimated to provide the republic which more money, power and influence. The refuelling depot part was just a small business that they ran on the side to help get more money.


John had been here for a day he was friends with the Stations commander so he was aloud to move around as he pleased. He mainly stayed in the command centre, where most scans and probe reports were shown. John had no idea way Isis was so interested in this place, he figured that she was looking for however John had no idea what.

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"It's a pleasure to see you once again, Master Katarn," Vok told Kyle, "Now I don't mean to be rude, but I must speak to Master Skywalker with Mon Mothma's request."


"Oh don't worry Admiral," Master Skywalker told Vok, "I'm sure Mon Mothma won't mind you catching up with Kyle."


Vok thought for a moment. Perhaps this could be a chance to spend time with his old friend. But would Mon Mothma fire him and replace him? He liked taking risks and decided the first option.


"Thank you Master Skywalker," Vok told Master Skywalker, "I'll return shortly."


And with that, Kyle led Vok to the training area. Vok last heard that Kyle was training a certain Zhane Kenobi? Was he part of the same Kenobi family, who in the days of the Old Republic, the Jedi Master, Obi-Wan Kenobi helped in the Clone Wars as the Negotiator? Either way, Vok didn't bother asking questions.

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((I'm being even more subtle, Kira - I've changed the name of Amol's ship so it's more... let's just say fitting.))


A sleek shuttle-craft dropped out of hyperspace as it entered the gravity well of Yavin, its hull gleaming in the deep red light from the gas giant, Stephanas scrawled across the starboard hull in ornate red lettering. It shot towards the planet, falling into as low an orbit as possible.


Inside the craft, Amol Kotay sat in the pilot's seat, his jacket drapped across his chair, his lightsaber sitting on the console beside him.


"Computer, what's the status of the hull plating?"


A pleasent female voice responded immidiately. "Hull plating is holding at 28 point 2 percent," it said.


"Is there any sign of pursuit?"


"Negative. The Republic patrol ship has been disabled."




The computer was silent for a moment. "Sensors indicate that bio-sign readings aboard the Republic ship remained unaltered throughout the course of the battle."


Amol nodded. Good. He hadn't hurt anyone. "We need to set down to make repairs. Is there anywhere nearby where we could-"


A sharp beeping errupted from the console in front of him, and the computer spoke again. "Proximity alert. Vessel detected, approximately 200,000 kilometres off the port bow, in orbit around the fourth moon of the system."


Amol checked the sensors, then brought the ship lower into Yavin's atmosphere.


"Hull temperature reaching critical levels. Recommend immidiate ascent."


"Not until I know more about that ship, and who it works for."


"Calculations indicate a ninety nine point six four percent chance that the unidentified vessel will be landing at the Jedi Praxeum located on the surface of the moon."


Amol nodded slowly. "Judging by these readings, I'd say it's a merchant class vessel. I'm reading basic armaments, standard issue hull plating..."


The computer chimed an affirmative. "The ship does not appear to be directly affiliated with the Republic. Identification broadcast indicates a privately owned vessel."


"Looks like you're going to need to talk to the ship..." said Amol slowly. "Can we intercept them without being detected so you can interface with their computer banks?"


"There is a blind spot in the ship's sensors. Calculations indicate a ninety eight point two percent probability that an attempt to approach undetected would be successful."


"I like those odds. Plot a course, and prepare to interface with their main database. Let's see who we're dealing with..."

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''Sir long range sensors detect an unidentified vessel approaching Yavin.'' the voice of Captain Hall echoed over the comm.


''What do the scans say?'' Thrawn II asked calmly.


''It's a... Theta-class T-2c shuttlecraft, I thought those were all destroyed.'' Hall said with astonishment.


''It appears this one wasn't.'' Thrawn II answered calmly.


''Admiral, the ship appears to be descending on Yavin's surface.'' Hall reported.


Thrawn II put on a mild smile: ''Activate shields, prepare the tractor beams and enter an intercept vector. I want to know who's flying that ship and what he is doing here.''


''Yes, sir.'' Hall acknowledged.


''And alert the Jedi Academy, in case we don't get to that ship in time.''

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