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Diego Varen

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^ Kinda boring Sig, but 10/10 for it not being full of sig links nor pics....


^Yeah well, I wouldn't want to come home to find that in my bed I'll tell you that much. Repulsive. *shudders*


Observation/Mockery: Oh, I don't know master, I think it looks kinda Sexy...


:p That was a joke, just in case some people didn't know that....

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^ Has a Santa Clause War Vetern as an Avatar....


@ED - True, if there was a big red button that would destroy the world and on it, it said, "DO NOT PRESS! WORLD WILL GO KA-BOOM!" sign on it, some guy will probably still press it.


That your right about, and that guy would probably be me, out of curiosity or out of stupidity...

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