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Avatar/Signature Above You

Diego Varen

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^ Interesting avatar, a Sith type character, with a purple blade



I suppose your avatar does look a little like a guitar, but more like a fiddle...



^ Is about to burst out into some good ole holiday striptease.


Maybe I am gettin ready to.... NOT!






ED, that one isn't as Sexy as the one in your sig, the one in your sig, shows her entire hutt-a-licious body. :p

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Still can't believe that ED got away with making them use that avatar when all they had to do was just a thread search to get the link. :D

That's right Jae take the easy option. It was the priciple of the matter.. upholding honour and the like. My only qualm is that, I never got the other two tests.

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^ Doesn't know Sith don't use purple lightsabers.

Actually in K2 Revan used both red and purple sabers in the tomb at the back of the shyrack cave. Also, I never claimed my avatar to resemble a sith-like character, you asumed it was. There are jedi that wore dark robes, the Dark Lady for example. Besides, I did make several with red, purple, green, and blue. Purple seemed to look and blend in the best.


Do you mean that in the sarcastic/mocking kind of way, or because you don't actually think its a guitar? its not quite clear to me what you meant..

I meant that in a smart@$$/joking kind of way. I was just adding my interest in guitars. I meant no offence.

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