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I think he(?) said he was just 14 or something. Not that that's really an excuse or anything, but...


Hey! Weren't the XWAers known as the crusty old ornery newb-smacking bastards at one point, and the RSNers as the nice, friendly welcoming ones?


What the hell happened there?




Of course,.. it's been years since either XWA or RSN saw a newb before this one...

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Hey! Weren't the XWAers known as the crusty old ornery newb-smacking bastards at one point, and the RSNers as the nice, friendly welcoming ones?


I remember back in those first few months after I joined, people talked about the "insanity of aresen" [lol]. From my point of view at least, the people that posted here were just crazy and yeah I'd say that's probably a fair assessment of how "ecks dubya aye" was viewed. :-p


What the hell happened there?


I blame Lynk. He's supposed to be the welcoming committee around here. *runs* :o


Of course,.. it's been years since either XWA or RSN saw a newb before this one...


Probably be a while again before some poor fool makes that same mistake.

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Yeah well, these days Aresen lays dormant under a thin... thick layer of dust. What remains of this place are memories of the past and mere legends. Only those who have been a part of its history can walk upon these sacred grounds, all others must be shredded into tiny little pieces so that Mr. Weasel can eat them as snacks when he sits down to watch Happy Tree Friends.

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yeh i made a vow not to come back but i was curious to see what u guys were saying. lol, Ed was right i'm 14 but i't's no exuse. OK i slipped up last month when i joined, Youch made some big mistakes! Crybaby answer eh uh no, new to the internet not really.


I'm new to the website but i'm been on the Internet since late 2000 when we had a crappy pc and then in 2002 i got this computer which i still have now (old!) it's funny i was close to pressing the bad post button a few times but then again i brought it on myself i guess.


I won't give u mu life history but at least listen. I think the only people who have mentioned nice things to me are Rogue 15, Ed, i dunno why, and Leemu despite saying i don't know anything about the internet. I wonder what it would have been like if i had joined two years ago??? When i first found this website but didn't join which was a mistake. Yes i agree with Leemu there Lynk is meant to be welcoming is he not????? Or was u kidding??? I think u should be welcoming.


If i was a ancient guy on this website i would welcome all newbies unless they were real idoits maybe a bit like me last month but this month i'm beggining to be well know plus.


This website is a free for any user, any newbies, any oldy and any guest and i should be able to go where i want and seeing that u asked so kindly for newbies to stay out of ur new year thread then i'll step out............ for a few months.

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XD This is fun. Life story and everything lol.


Aida, we're just screwin with you cause we can. But look at it this way... you come into a thread about reminiscing about the past of a forum that has been around for a long time which has established members who have quite a history with this place... and you act very familiarly with us. So with that in mind, most ignored you, but obviously someone was going to say something eventually. It was the perfect opportunity for one or more of us to have some fun with you, why? Well why not? :D It was too good to pass up, this guy, who we don't know at all, is talking like he's been here all along and we somehow didn't notice XD lol. It wasn't because you entered this place that you got this sort of reception, it's because of the way you decided to come in.


Aside from that, back in the day when this place was active we called it "Aresen" as in RSN... we are very proud of this place, it was fun and insane where people could be the way they wanted to be... However this place has passed its prime and has become a relic of the past, few come here anymore and those who do are the ones who used to inhabit this place way back then... we come back occasionally to threads like this where we talk about the old days, where old members come back and say "wow, this place is still standing after all this time"...


LucasForums is a very active place, but there are dormant sectors where no one dares to tread. Best to stick to the more populated areas.


And yes, Leemu is right when he said I used to be quite welcoming, in fact I was the Prime Minister of this place XD And as some members have told me, I was a very influential person all those years back. Back then this place welcomed new folks with welcome arms, a wacky sense of humour and a glass of milk.


I still have the famous welcome message too :D It was the same for everyone and featured some handy tips for new members.... it kinda went like this.


[align=center]Hiya WhatEverYourNameIs and



I'm Lynk Former. webmaster of The Anime Crisis Center, long time member, Prime Minister, Graphic Designer of Aresen and Super Moderator of LucasForums. If you have any questions don't ask me cause I'm just a nog... :D


Now here are some things to know and some simple rules to go by in this mental asylum we call a forum...


¤ Don't spam

¤ Don't flame

¤ Don't insult Mr. Weasel mr_weasel.gif (he's in my avatar, he's the forum mascot)

¤ Don't piss off the mods/supermods/admins

¤ Don't worry, Rogue Nine is alwayz grumpy

¤ If you trip over it's cause Spot the invisible dog ran too close to you

¤ If DSS (Dark Sad Shadow) offers you milk... RUN!!

¤ Wacky_Baccy is a nog :p

¤ Sorry ladies, Daddy Gunner is married :xp:

¤ If you're naughty, leXX the forum mum will put you over her knee and spank you (rwar)

¤ ...Panties... :D


Now enjoy yourself and...



(...don't forget to close the door behind you it's freezing outside)


(It's been updated a little to reflect the current state of things...)


We're not horrible elitists here, it was just fun to give you some crap for your entrance... But to be honest, we really don't have to act a certain way anymore cause this place is already dead and buried. We're just here to reflect... so it's best not to try to lecture us about this or try to make is feel that we're doing something wrong ^^

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Ok, i'm sorry and just thought every one hated me! What a stupid thing to be honest i thought u were horribe but i've changed my mind u guys are some of the old ancients who like a bit of fun. :) :) Like me, i suppose i shouldn't have came in and acted like i was 1 of u guys. I should have said..............



"Yeh i know i'm a newbie too but maybe stick up a sign saying no Newbies aloud or please reserve this thread or RSN area for the older member of this website.


I'm sorry, no hard feelings i'll come back when i'm old and ancient enough to come back and remember what times were like now but i guess in ten years this area of the website will be pretty much the same. My fault....... i see it was only a joke you've had ur fun i've had my fun. Cheerio!


Gee i wish i joined a while ago what fun this place was!

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There is a reason why this place is dead and buried, too many to go into... and it's not all because the Rogue Squadron series has fizzled away... This place had its time in which it existed happily, but good things don't last forever. In the end days it was my personal mission to try to put more life back into this place, but it was too late. The great many people who had made this place what it was had all moved on until (and I'm not kidding about this) the only person left who visited regularly... was me. XD


We could revive Aresen, but it would never be the way it was back then without all of those folks so all we have left are the memories... and that's good enough for us.

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Holy anal warts, this topic went to a world of blah blah blah. Ah, Aresen as I remember it. The reason I haven't been in here as much as back of the day is simple, my life became complicated. With the military, followed by marriage, and my new baby (she's beautiful) I have time for nothing, hence the reason I created this thread. BTW, Mr. Weasel should have been put down years ago, look how old an ragged he is.



...That's right, I ripped on the weasel.


......glass of milk?

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The great many people who had made this place what it was had all moved on until (and I'm not kidding about this) the only person left who visited regularly... was me. XD



not really. I wait and look at least every time i log into TACC forums and wait...


...wait for a new thread to rein further chaos... *cackles*

i'm sure red, bd, deac, and a few others also to the same... ^_^


speaking of which. i really need to pester crackles to show or at least call once in a blue moon.... bastard... :p

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I'll be around a bit more, recently life for me has become less complicated [lol].


@Lynk - One of my favorite threads was when Lizard_Queen stole Ike's boxers. rofl But yeah, there are so many other good ones. :D



.... and my new baby (she's beautiful)


Congrats SXW.....that's great! :)


..It'll probably be the last strange or interesting thread left here.


Oh I doubt that, there's still a little life left in this place....not much...but a little. :)

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