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just went out and spent alot of $$ on stuff...


replaced my 3 year old 'running shoes'....that cost me $80...used up my Old Navy gift card on a pair of pants that i'll wear while i'm out running, and I picked up Brain Boost: Gamma Wave for my nintendo ds lite.


Gamme Wave is pretty damn addicting. I suck at most of them except for the memorizing numbers one and the face recognition one. that game is nuts. of course, having been out of school for about 4 years makes it fun.

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Wow, you're a woman.


"I totally went like shopping the other day, it was super fabulous, but I couldn't find any shoes to match this dress, but I bought it anyway."


Or you're a little kid.


"Guess what I got? A giraffe and a gi joe and a little remote controlled car that moves when you use the buttons."


HA! Double burn!

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And now a poem by Lynk Former...



A cow and the moon

The cow jumped over the moon

A cat is not a pony

But a dog can be

The cow, the moon and the cat

All lived in a hat

All lived happily together

Together they drank lemonade

Together they are best friends



*bows* thank you, thank you.

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What are you talking about Lynk, this is just a distraction while I hurt you in real life. You know the girl/guy you had a crush on, yeah he/she is dead. Your favorite pet...yeah dead. The restuarant where you eat your fav food...blown up. Your shoe size...its been changed. Your favorite drink...is actually alien urine. And the outcome of the star wars trilogy...yeah that was all scripted.

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...and if you guys haven't triangulated my position in the last 13,798 or so posts... I don't think you ever will XD

Yeah... you just keep thinkin' that. Our long-term master plan of lulling you into a false sense of security is paying off in spades! Heh heh heh heh...


Plus: The tech is still in the Beta stage... but we're getting closer. :dozey:

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Egads! Leemu! Suicidal! The primary target has figured out our master plan!!!

Disengage! I repeat: Disengage immediately!


Go to emergency backup master plan double-B!




If you have forgotten: That is to ignore and/or ridicule anything he has to say from this point on. :dozey:


...shouldn't be difficult. There's a lot to work with there...


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Hungry Jacks? Ok we'll put crazy pills in Hungry Jacks to and Subway and anywhere you could posssibly think of where you can buy/eat burgers. Actually you was right we are going to say at your funeral. "HA GOT YA NOW?" then just o make things more exiting we'll throw a grenade in your coffin just to make sure your dead. :)

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