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Who do you think is hotter: Bastila, Juhani, Hand Maiden or Mira?

Who is hotter?  

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  1. 1. Who is hotter?

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Mira? Probably the best entry, as she can take care of herself, is reasonably sane, and not so bad-looking. Ditch that chip on the shoulder, and we'll talk. Either that, or set her up with an easy-going farmboy who will remind her to relax every so often. (Is it just me, or was someone inspired by Mara Jade?)


Dude, that is EXACTLY why I picture Mira when I'm reading about Mara Jade. I cried when I read about her death in the books. It was so unfair. :crybaby:

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For me, it's:


1) Bastila: *drools all over keyboard*


2) Handmaiden: Hair is meh, but face and body's nice.


3) Visas: Dem curves...


4) Mira: I don't mind.


5) Juhani: *kills self with lightsaber over the thought*


6) Yaddle: ........no..... just....... no.

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