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LucasCast: Episode 3

Rogue Nine

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Greg Kasavin can kiss my ass. The game sucks. ;)


LOL, leXX, you Rawk! :p




For the next episode on, we refuse to mention "Resident Evil 5". I realize we have gummed that one to death (but it's so damn fun!). So from here on out, it shall be known as "the game that shall not be mentioned". :p

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I enjoyed this episode a lot keep up the good work guys. There definatley was a lot of KOTOR mentions in this one but heck its KOTOR one of the best Star Wars games in the last 10 years how can you not go without talking about it lol.


I would say my all time favourite SW games are a mix and can't put one over the other either is Jedi Outcast or Battlefront as I played those ones a lot and can't make a choice.

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Just finished listening to Ep3 - great stuff again ! Loved the Red Squadron call in ;) Lexxy's 'geeky star wars' stories were fantastic


I was pleased that a couple of my questions were used, though I guess the mentioning of my name must have been cut out due to swearing that must have accompanied it... :xp:


Just a couple of tiny errata items, the ship you fly in Rebel Assault II is not the actual Falcon, but is the cargo vessel 'Corellia Star' - though it is the same type of ship of course(YT1300). There is also an

in RA2 as well. I have a soft spot for the FMV era, which is why I remember it so clearly :D



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Plus Bluray is on the rise, DVD is strong but a lot of people who have invested in HD capable equipment are buying Bluray discs.


PC users are naturally moving down the BR path. MS has already released a BR Mastering API, and through third party partner apps like Cyberlink PowerDVD 9 and Arcsoft Total Media BR movie playback is used by many htpc users. The final, and likely most significant slice of the PC BluRay userbase will come when BR writing drives drop below $100 and gaming devs start publishing titles on BR.



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Finally got around to listening. Awesome job.


Groovy beat Rebel Assault II in 2 hours? I got stuck at the TIE Fighter in some canyon level, and the level where you're in a B-Wing shooting at waves of TIEs (I think). Can't rememebr 100%, but holy cow it's been awhile.


Here's a hilarious Broken Pixels video for Superman 64. (Probably contains strong langauge).

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Sorry for the late response(i've been gone a while, having some Star Wars hatred growing inside) but excellent episode! Dark Forces III would make me crap my pants! Right on the spot arguments from everyone! It looks like LA has gone the path of CN(Cartoon Network, which was great in the 90s...). A very perfect answer to my question! SUPREME KUDOS!

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