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A signature thread


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Sure thing. Actually, if Ast'ika doesn't mind, I'll post 'em here with the sigs (with hidden tags of couse), since I make all ME2 Screenshots I take into sigs.


Here's a Krogan Bezerker signature I made just now:




I'm trying to get decent Screenies ATM, it's really tough, due to the GUI.


EDIT: Here's a blue suns heavy sig. Don't think I got it quite right though. (These guys are weird, because there are no 'guy' heavies. There are only female heavies. o_0)




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Interesting, can't say I'm an X-men fan (never watched the movie or read the comics), though that looks pretty good. Haven't seen you do a transparent one before. ^_^


Vido Santiago Sig:



Ironically, I decided to do this 0% by the book. I built the planet in the background from scratch in 3ds Max, played through the game to find screenshots, confirmed that they looked similar, took a screenie of Vido, and edited it in. Took me about an hour and a half.


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Personally I like the planet better than the sig. ^_^

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Lulz, for a second I though the middle cyclops was holding a lightsaber. ^_^ Looks great! Personally, I would try to make the edges blend out a bit more. (Basically take a 300px feather eraser and run the edge back and forth along 'em.) Keep up the good work! :D




Zaeed Sig/Avvy







Cerberus Sig:



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Hopping to give this a try seeing at is just a set number of different characters from different games and tv shows. So why not. LOL!


1. Character - SatoshiDP.png

2. Quote - "The best defense is a good offense."

3. Background - Any good pokemon battle background you can find

4. Symbol - Try and use this poke-ball as a symbol


5. Your name - The_Red_Warrior


Take your time with it.....dont ask why I decided to choose it. And can make an avvy as well.

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I'm really not expecting it to be done quickly...I appreciate the time you put in making the sigs and I don't want to rush you.


My Ark Angel (ccp )

Backgound with a legion of clones at attention

same quote i have now

have fun with the rest I trust your taste

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Guys, I haven't really spend much time on making sigs in a while, but I'm gonna try and make both the sigs til the end of the week. ;) (Feel free to express your anger in any form of verbal abuse you wish :p)




First siggy:











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