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A signature thread


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Kom'rk tsad droten troch nyn ures adenn, Dha Werda Verda a'den tratu


You wan't that, or Kom'rk mando'yamin troch nyn ures adenn, Da Werda Verda, a'den Mand'alor. It's the origional Mando'a version of the chant, instead of the one adopted for the aruetiise?


Here's an avatar:




The sig's done, just let me know which version of the text, then I'll upload it.

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I'd like to request 2 sigs. With an avvie to go with them. Both the same, but with different names.



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2) Mess with the bull, you get the horns

3) Taris during the bombing

4) a red mythosaur skull

5) the 1st one with Te Prudii Mand'alor. The 2nd one with Kyr'am Galaar.

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Welcome to LucasForums The_Red_Warrior (is it okay if I call you RW?) :D


I'm sure RM will be able to get the sig done (not promising a time frame, just that it will get done) ;)


Welcome to the LF RW, (it is okay if I call you that right?)

Sorry for the late welcome, and get ready to get an EPIC sig 'cause RM makes the best sigs


btw Ulmont what does vor'e maen?

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Oh sweet a signature thread:D I was looking for something like this:D


1 Sev (in sniping or firing position if possible)

2 Damn, I don't believe it! I lost count of my kills!

3 Kashyyyk or some jungle-like bg

4 no symbol

5 Demongo


Thanks in advance:D

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I'd like to try for one of a character of mine on a different site that I am apart of. If you could please and take your time on it.


1 Character - tal.png

And ife can try and make the lightsaber purple please.

2 Quote - "Darker, the coming storm grows. The dark cloud of the Sith shrouds us all."

3 Background - A Coruscant or Jedi Temple picture (either one is fine)

4 Symbol - no symbol please

5 Your name - Vax Kote

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Demongo: Late last night (or the previous one) I tried to make it, and it would have looked good, but Sev's red armor doesn't really fit into a green-based background...:(...


I'd be glad to make you something different though :)


RW: Yeah, I am kinda busy, but I'll try to make 'em both ;)

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