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Kotor Movie Trilogy


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I'm suprised there isn't a thread about this and if there is well I apologize. The Kotor Movie Trilogy is a movie(obviously:lol:) in the Kotor era. It is extremely well done imo and actually the voice acting is pretty good too. It comes in 3 parts I and II are already out and can be downloaded or watched at YouTube. Make sure to check out this channel:



And the forums:



The first part has a DVD cover too:

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And the trailer for the second part:

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So what's your opinion?

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wish there was, it would be good to have some media refer to the Mandalorian Wars. Eh, back on topic, there was a lot of animation issues with the show, especially with the lips. But otherwise, a good series


Well what did you expect? After all it is about and from the game;)


Sounds interesting, is there one concerning the Mandalorian Wars?


As far as I know there isn't. But there are a lot movies about TSL(with horrible voice acting:()

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I musk ask:Is this thing actually sold in DVD form?

I'm not saying it's bad, but I just can't imagine it selling as a DVD without getting sued by George.


No fo course not:lol: You can download it, burn it, download the cover for it and Bamm:lol:

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