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Nintendo Press Conference

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9:00 AM - Nintendo Press Conference [world times] [watch conference]


Here are the highlights...


- The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword gameplay revealed. Uses motionplus to produce sword + shield action. Visuals combine the styles of Twilight Princess and The Wind Waker. Overall game looks similar to TP but is cel-shaded like TWW.


- Also revealed another compilation Mario sports title as well as Wii Party and Just Dance 2.


- Golden Sun DS revealed.


- GoldenEye 007 remake revealed exclusive for Wii. Has Daniel Craig as Bond instead of Pierce Brosnan, published by Activision. Coming very soon.


- Kirby: Epic Yarn revealed for Wii. Kirby's first home console game since the N64.


- New Donkey Kong Country game revealed by Retro Studios, the folks who developed the Metroid Prime trilogy.


- Epic Mickey gameplay revealed. Warren Spector himself took the stage to explain his ideas behind bringing Mickey back to video game audiences.


- Nintendo 3DS revealed along with the return of Pit in Kid Icarus: Uprising.


- Nintendogs and Cats revealed for 3DS


- PilotWings 3DS confirmed


- Long list of third party developed games including Metal Gear Solid, Assassin's Creed, Ninja Gaiden, Resident Evil, etc, etc, etc... all for Nintendo 3DS!


Also, check out the official Nintendo E3 site for a TONNE of content including interviews regarding almost everything that was shown at the press conference. In fact, they'll be updating their site with a lot more info and videos during the next few days of E3. Follow the link below to view all of the extra content.



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What do you want? I was typing this up as quick as I could so I could watch the Sony conference... I was in such a rush I forgot to put a thread up for Sony :dozey:


How about you take it as "Golden Sun gameplay revealed"...


Wrong x2. :xp:


What the real news was that the game's official subtitle was announced.




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And I want it NOW.




Ninty's showing was pretty impressive this year. I want a 3DS yesterday....


TRUE. Will my Peugeot 205 go 88 miles/hour? If so, I have a solution...it involves lightning though!




The 3DS MIGHT be the first DS I go after! It looks so damn good. And...a bit more mature? With the photo, movie and internet functions. I used to play Gameboy Advance and this might get me back into Nintendo's handheld camp. Throw some hardcore games on it (Rogue Squadron, good Pokemon game, Zelda) and I'll seriously soil myself.


And I'll probably have to brush the dust of my Wii!

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Well, the Peugeot from Taxi will do way over 88mph. Is your's anything like Daniel's? :p


Why are there pics of my Peugeot online? o_Q


I'd wish that Peugeot was mine!


Plan A) Time Travel to get an 3DS: FAIL.

Anyone a plan B?

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Don't expect it to be anything like what the original was like considering the different tone they're aiming for and the CoD style inclusions they've put into the game.


I guess we'll see just how good it is when it's released though.


I think it will be somewhat reminiscent of the original. Just not as good.

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I think it will be somewhat reminiscent of the original. Just not as good.


Which will still rock..

Damn, I need to play my Wii more! Goldeneye was EPIC on the old 64....I remember a level with a snowy helipad and somekind of lasergun...if they are able to re-invent that feeling once more, it should be awesome!

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