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Skyrim: Elder Scrolls 5


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I. HATE. STEAM. Not the haze that comes from chimneys, but the Skyrim download app...


I still can't play the game, which I've already spent $120 on (one through a defective service called GameFly, and once through a store-bought hard copy that requires a Steam connection to activate)! Have any of you been having problems accessing Steam?

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Nub question: Where do I obtain daedric or dragon armor? I now you can simply get them from upgrading blacksmith and collecting dragon bones, but is there any other places or ways to get them?


As far as dragon, nope.. have to kill/collect them (or mod them).


Deadric is pretty much upgrading smithing and hoarding every piece of ebony and daedric heart you can find (hearts are rare in un-modded games). You can grab one from the Companion's base (respawns every three days) the easiest by far. Or use the Atronach Forge.


However, I have been able to loot Daedric gear in my un-modded games.. but it's very rare.


Other ways to get hearts:


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Not sure why there's a smiley in there, but I didn't even know you could find Aedra Hearts in Skyrim.:D


And MsFicwriter, as long as you have a stable internet connection, I'm sure I could help you get Steam to work.


Also, here's the collab by Miracle of Sound and Malukah:

(This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)

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Okay boys and girls, all this talk of Skyrim in other threads has given me an idea. :)

I decided to make a little list of mods that might help you in your adventures across the frozen north. I'll be concentrating on bug fixes, smaller retexture mods that don't kill your FPS, and, of course, mods that give you more immersion.



Let's start with some fixes:

Shadow Striping Fix - A must. See the mod details.


Lost Art of the Blacksmith - Adds every missing weapon and armor improvement recipe.


Smithing Perks Overhaul - Unhappy about not being able to improve iron or studded armor "twice as much"? Try this.


Better Guard Skill Comments - Tired of guards calling you a "sneak-thief" even if your Sneak skill is only 30? This is for you.


Well Placed Weapons and Quivers - Something that always bugged me: quivers clipping through the bows. No more!


Ancient Nord Armor 1st Person Fix - Fixes the arm bands of the armor not rendering if you play a male with any body weight other than maximum.


Ancient Nord Armor Improved - Fixes the silly loincloth and clipping issues on the male version.


Better distant LOD waterfalls - Improves the original ugly looking distant LOD waterfalls.


Shrine of Azura LOD Fix - A huge statue on top of a mountain not visible unless you're a few feet from it? Riiight...


Unique Region Names - A personal favorite. See the screenshots for details.




Xenius Character Enhancement - All-in-one character facelift mod.


CoverKhajiits - A beautiful high-res retex for Khajiit faces.


Straight Hair Retexture - A retex for both male and female hair.


Less Harsh Elves - I hated that the elves in Skyrim look more like Klingons or Romulans than actual elves. This mod solves that problem.


Human eyes for Elves - Replaces the alien-looking eyes for Bosmer and Altmer (it also replaces the eyes for Dunmer, but if you want to keep it lore-friendly I recommend not installing them).


More Morrowind Like Glass Armor and Weapons - Just like the title says, replaces the awful glass textures with fantastic new ones that look more like Morrowind's.


Better steel arrows and quiver - Puts a little dirt on the steel quiver and arrows so they look less cartoony.


Books Notes Paper HD - A retex of all paper in the game. For those who like to read books and don't want to be blinded by the awful vanilla paper.


Skyrim Redesigned - Retex of various furniture and clutter.


Falmer Clutter Texture Mod - A retex for Falmer related buildings.


Vibrant Auroras - A more clear and vibrant look to auroras.


Lush Trees and Lush Grass - Adds extra branches and extra grass to existing textures.


Deadly spell impacts - A retexture for ground spell impacts.




Realistic Lighting - Now, there are dozens of Realistic Lighting configs out there, so go to the Nexus site and pick your favourite. I use this one, which is an older version, but works great.


Colorful Lights No Shadows - Hate the truly awful shadows in Skyrim? Why not turn them off and still keep all the lights and colors? Saves you a ton of FPS. Works great with Realistic Lighting. Note: you have to set fShadowDistance and fInteriorShadowDistance to 1 in your SkyrimPrefs.ini for the mod to work properly.


Open Faced Helmets - No more full-faced robotic helmets for guards! Yay!


Visible Windows - Windows that look more like actual windows.


Main Font Replacement - Tired of the Sci-fi font used in Skyrim? Why not change it?


More Rain and More Snow - Adds a lot more rain and snow to thunderstorms and snowstorms.


Better Dynamic Snow - Fixes the ugly, flat, and lifeless dynamic snow that gets enabled on anything from rocks to buildings.



And finally for those with very powerful rigs, I also recommend Skyrim HD Texture Pack and Serious HD Landscape Retex.



Ugh, very tired now. Hope this helps y’all!

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Let me start by saying I hated Oblivion and Fallout, just hated them. I decided never to touch another Bethesda game again, even though I wanted so bad to like these games because I just love RPG's so much. Well, I fell for the hype yet again and saw Skyrim going cheap on Amazon (£24), and I needed something to keep me going until GW2 comes out, so I thought what the hell and got it.


I am a convert.


I love Skyrim, I absolutely fraking love this game. The third person pov is still terrible, and I really wish they would just use a Mass Effect pov, but it's bearable in first person as I'm playing a stealth archer. Everything else is just amazing. The environment is stunning, and the amount of things to do is mindblowing. I am 60+ hours into it and I still feel like I've only just skimmed the surface. I am totally emmersed in the world and totally addicted. Skyrim has managed to change my opinion on Bethesda, and I'm glad I picked it up now.

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leXX has inadvertently benefited from my new Bethesda rule: I'll buy it after it's been out for 6 months and a fair amount of the game-breaking bugs have been patched. :)


FWIW, they're up to 1.5 and you'll still need the console to get through some quests, especially at high levels (when Radiant Quest is more likely to send you someplace that has already been cleared). I'm hoping that the reason we've stopped hearing about patches is because they're busy working on the DLC and not because they're finished fixing stuff.

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I'm indifferent on both (Skyrim, Fallout), so I cannot say what I like/hate about either game. I have no urge to, anyways, though I'd probably me more inclined to purchase Skyrim than Fallout.

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I know this is an odd request, but could someone take screenshots of one of the mage robes (or any with that model, like blue robes) while holding a 1- and then 2-handed sword (seperately) in fighting stance? I'm wondering if the robes would work for a potential mod I might do if I pick up skyrim.


Thanks to anyone that can oblige!

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I know this is an odd request, but could someone take screenshots of one of the mage robes (or any with that model, like blue robes) while holding a 1- and then 2-handed sword (seperately) in fighting stance? I'm wondering if the robes would work for a potential mod I might do if I pick up skyrim.


Which version of the blue robes, with or without the hood?

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How do people in general find the melee combat? I see very mixed views from what I read...


I generally engage very rarely in straight head-on melee combat. While my character is no thief (never even joined the thieves guild) I feel that more sneaky ambush-style gameplay is more rewarding. Engage on your own terms, snipe with a bow from range or sneak up behind and slit their throats before they even know you're there. Then they'll have no time to hurt you or use any annoying abilities they have either. :)


There are a few monster-type enemies that kind of play won't work too well against (dragons most notably), but in general sneaky bow+dagger play is very effective in my experience.


Though I imagine the sustained DPS of a heavy armor + twohanded or dualwielding melee brawler is higher, the burst damage from critical hits + sneak attacks tend to be enough to take down most enemies in one or two hits.


Straight melee combat should generally be more reliable than being a pure mage in Skyrim though. While magic is powerful early on it fairly quickly loses its edge as more powerful weapons and enchantments become available (and you can improve your gear even further at a blacksmith's forge), while spell damage and potency remains largely the same throughout, with only a handful of perks available to boost them. Many Illusion spells also have level caps for when they stop being effective, and since many enemies are leveled with you they just stop working even on lowly bandits eventually. Magic is also a very noisy way to do combat, so you'll have to give up any element of surprise when tossing around fireballs or summoning daedra to your side. While still viable if you mix your talents from the various schools of magic it requires more effort than the mundane professions to win fights later in the game as a pure mage (that or abusing the Destruction stun lock perk :)).


Straight melee combat, while it may vary depending on what you wield (onehander+shield, twohander, onehander+magic, dualwielding) generally boils down to the same formula though: Circle strafe the enemy to try to flank them, dodge enemy power attacks, block regular attacks and power attack them in return while they're staggered or recovering from a heavy swing. Biggest exception is, ironically, when fighting mages as a pure melee brawler, since they tend to kite a lot. Ice mages in particular are a pain to take on as a melee grunt since their frost magic will slow you down, making it very tough to chase them. But that's the price you pay if not bringing any capability to do ranged attacks. :)

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I find it a bit odd that there aren't any Dragonic weapons in the game, with all those Dragon parts you'll collect there should've been *some*...


Try this. ;)


How do people in general find the melee combat? I see very mixed views from what I read...


Stoffe pretty much explained it spot-on, but I can tell you from experience that a two-hander can be a lot of fun: no blocking, no strafing, no nothin', just charge in and let the limbs fly. :D

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How do people in general find the melee combat? I see very mixed views from what I read...


I don't feel very strongly for it either way, really. It didn't exactly blow my mind, but we sure have come a long way since Elder Scrolls: Arena.


What I really did enjoy was the good ol' bow/arrow and sniping bandit camps from afar, watching them run around like headless chickens.

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