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XWA One Year Thread Part VII: Shadows of the Forum

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Twenty Twelve.






Make it a great one, boyos!


Maybe this will be the year we get a new X-Wing game... Whattaya think?




Anyway... I'll try to find a few moments to be a bit more active than last year. I doubt it will be easy... But I'll make the attempt.


Maybe this is the year some more of us will meet up in person.


Anyway: happy gaming for another 12 months stallions!

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Here is hoping that 2012 will be better then the last one.


So far I am emotionally drained, depressed, and saddened


my wife hates it that I wanted to watch football yesterday, and today she thinks her car is going to die on her.


I got a birthday coming up... hope things get better soon

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Time seems to be an issue. I don't have it.


Either I'm flat out at work. Or I'm just too busy with the GF and her kids to even think.


I have a GIANT list of things to do at my place that I meant to tackle some of this last week that never even got considered since I was hardly at home. Or when I was here I was on the verge of collapsing from exhaustion... Or taking care of puppies... Or kids... Or all of the above.


I need to find some way to manage my time better.


Starting... tomorrow. Off to bed now. Vacation's over... Trash and back to work early in the morning.


Hooray. :dozey:

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Well... I really wanted to name them Sam and Max... but mom vetoed me on the girl dog. She wanted a "Mocha".


Plus, she already feeds a stray cat she calls "Sam".


But, I kinda wanted tough-sounding names... since they are pretty much tiny wimpy dogs. I can currently hold both of them in one hand with room left over.

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you got married?


Yes, you even congratulated me


What is happening in our married is it is being stressed. Both of our Cars are over 10 years old and starting to make hints of being unreliable. The current political environment in Wisconsin with the Governor and GOP attack on State Union workers is making her worried about her job. We have a new house. Both our mothers passed away last year. And our household budget is tight... even with me working at a crappy job

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Work sucks. At least the "getting up in the morning to get to work" part does. Once I'm here it's not really that bad. A bit boring perhaps... but not terrible.


I'd much rather just be chillin' at home, playing video games... but since I'm apparently out of days I can take off to do that, I have to try to make myself appear busy around the office and the hall for several hours a day.

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