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Astrotoy7 Has Passed Away


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Reposting Jae's thread from the Ahto Spaceport for those of you who do not frequent there, and considering this forum is where Astro used to frequent before Ahto.


I just found out today that Astrotoy7 passed away on October 27th. From what I understand, the death was very quick and unexpected, though he may have had a longstanding illness that contributed.


Hasan Nayazi was only 37 years old.


I know he could be controversial here. Sometimes, he inspired me. Sometimes, he drove me nuts with snarky comments. Sometimes, I wanted to reach out and hug him for his encouragement and support during some of the very hard parts of life I've went through, particularly back in 2010.


He loved gaming and was passionate about computers. When Vista came out, he figured out the fix to get KOTOR to work with the updated OS (or regressed, depending on your point of view). He also was a part of the original group that set up the folding@home for Team LFN that helps link computers to contribute spare down time computer power to research.


His latest passion was studying and writing about Renaissance art and Raphael in particular.


As I understand through twitter feeds, the funeral will be held in Melbourne, Australia, but I don't know any other details at this time. My sympathies and heart go out to his family.


Rest in peace, Hasan. I will miss you.

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