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Hi, I'm new!


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Lets give this place a topic. Lynk, I was walking in the woods the other day and I found Mr. Weasel's Brother.mr_weasel2.GIF





P.S. don't sue me for copyright things. I don't think Mr. Weasel is copyrighted anyways.



Mr. Weasel's Brother ©




Oh and BTW, how do you make it transparent?

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*makes post relevant*

Posted by rskateboy

Oh and BTW, how do you make it transparent?

It depends what program you're using to make the pic ^^


I use either GIF Movie Gear or M$ GIF Animator (shareware and freeware, respectively)


It's just a simple pick-a-colour option in those proggies :)


Last time I looked, M$ had stopped providing GIF Animator for d/l, so if you want it you can get it here ^_^




Like so - katboy_weasel.gif



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just to clarify i didnt follow lexx here. im not sure how many of these forums she visits but i only hit 3 of em these days.in truth i came here for several reasons, one was tyrions odd refrences to this place, another was the constant warnings i got of this place, the most important though was the mystery of the "got milk" i saw that in a swamp thread and decided that i had to know the answer. so i guess you could say i followed sivy or at least waccy over. *no offense lexx*. the swamp is dying and i still have many thoughts and ideas to send out to others who share common interests, this place seemed nice. more "intimate" then the swamp. its got less spam more fun and for the most part members more like me. i just hope that in time ill get viewed as a native aresener and not just known as one of the many many many swampies.


thanks for all the warm welcomings ive recieved. you guys *and girls however few there may be* truly rock!

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NOBODY is to tell Sivy about the Milk until he's posted here for at least four more days. Mr. Weasel and his variously coloured Kitten friends will be having words if anyone does :p:D

Posted by Clem

its also me n wacky in here .... alone ... all time


and wackys scary



Cheeky git :D:p:D

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and just for record guys... ;)


I'm not the one saying the swampies have followed me here! I know alot of swampies were here before me. What's the big deal anyway? Who gives a *insert rude word of choice here* who was here first etc etc ????? :D

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