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Hi, I'm new!


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Originally posted by rskateboy

Uh....no thanks. I had too many, I'm done with cookies because they remind me of you.(Okay, now I'm getting sick form all this melodrama.):barf:




I've never seen so much puke in all my life as I've seen in this thread!! lol :lol:


Should I be worried by that? :ninja2:



btw: THANK GOD! ;)

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Originally posted by Redwing


So quickly you all forget :D


I'm going to hafta get certain...friends of mine to invade this place again ;)


*goes off to get on AIM*









*...or not, since it's 1:28 AM :D:p butIwilltomorrowIswear:D*


tell 'steph' i'm currently uploading her voice to my site and am going to post it on rsn soon. :D

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