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Forcemod 2 Beta Feedback


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The final beta is nearing completion, with these things remaining:


1) I'm implementing a new system for making MercBots through a single config file so you won't have to edit any botfiles. This same config file will allow a number of other adjustments to bots as well.


2) There will be 7 Customizable Lightsaber Blades, one for each Episode of StarWars (1-6) and one ancient blade (ExarCun's Blade Re-skin) - i will be skinning the first 6.


3) The New Force Sides menus need to be tweaked for maximum usability when creating your character, including the saving and loading of forceConfig files.


4) Saber Hilt Breakability needs to be reimplemented


5) Lightning and Drain must be properly blockable


6) A number of small, miscellaneous balance tweaks


Once these are finished, the final beta will be released. I will not be adding any significant features between now and then, to ensure a sooner release date.


* * * * * * *

Lord_Plo_Koon: Got your email, you're on the list.


Reaper: By all means, whip out some new flameHit FX - I'd like to see what you can come up with. :)


Kaia: I know what causes the scaling problem, but it's at the bottom of the to-fix list.


SqUiRReL: You're on the list to get a copy of beta 3. Thanks for supporting the mod, even in it's infancy. :)

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Oh...one more big thing that must be added to beta 3 that i forgot to mention: Admin commands. The code for these has been provided by the Jedi Academy Mod creator cHoSen One (ZeRoCooL in these forums), so they shouldn't take much time to implement.



SqUiRReL (and others who are new to the thread), before you faint, a few clarifications:

ForceMod 1 had one release in beta form.


ForceMod 2 has already had two beta releases, beta 1 and beta 2.

This next release is simply the third beta (beta 3) of ForceMod 2.

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Any official news on a open beta or public final release. This mod seems pretty top quality and I wouldn't mind playnig it. So you can either e-mail me the newest beta please, or tell me when this beautiful piece of code hits the open market.

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Well im finally back on the net (stupid tunisian internet) and i look foreward to a final release even though i might not be able to play online tha much.


1 question: will all the old testers be on the new beta or just the new guys



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Hey guys. Haven't had time to find any bugs in forcemod lately, school's been pounding on me and i had to reformat, no worries I still have the mod :D Anyway, Azymn, I would also like to be on the beta 3 list if at all possible. I will return to beta testing the current version as soon as I possibly can.

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I just got to work on the mod for a few hours last night (finals are over ).


Here's just a few things coming up in the next beta:


- Brand new mercbot system using a cfg file. This means you can start the game and it'll load appropriate bots as mercs without you having to change a single file. And when you want to choose who is and who isn't a merc, it's all in one file.


- 7 different lightsaber blades to choose from, each loosely based on an Episode, with Episode 0 being an ancient sith blade (Exar Cun's).


- Two new merc classes: HotShot and Trooper.




Beta 3 is finally on it's way....

[edit] meaning i now have time to work on it [/edit]

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Originally posted by Azymn

...i made it sound like it was 'in the mail'


Beta 3 has not been sent yet, i'm working on it right now. I only mean to say i've finally started to pound away at it.


But it is close to release.


My mistake entirely


My impatience got the better of me :(


It will certainly be worth waiting a little while longer:)


BTW ! I donated some credits to you as a small gesture of appreciation. keep up the great work !!!!

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In case you haven't had a chance to notice, BloodRiot has updated his Mandalorian pack. Among other things, he has segmented the rocket on the jetpack so that it can now be made to disappear when 'fired' in a mod like RenegadeOfPhunk's "Movie Battles." I know that you said that you didn't want to add any more new features at this time, but this would be a great addition for Force Mod 3. :D

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