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Originally posted by InsaneSith

i play Oni more now.... I still love this game ( the story is a little dry but damn its a fun game to play)


i have Oni but it dosent work, it says i dont have the CD in my drive when i try to start it.... did you get the same error?

and i play Half Life mods, the Vietcong demo.. Max Payne sometimes and i would play JK2 but it isent working for some reason :(

i want UT2003 real bad but my video card is too small to run it so im not gonna buy it... yet:D , i have enough money to buy 3 video games (some thats the age of Max Payne hehe :D ) right now


im looking foward to about in a month or 3, then i get enough money to buy a GF4 video card:D

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I dunno what's wrong with me. I've suddenly stopped playing computer games. I had a quick go on Tenchu: Wrath Of Heaven today (my brother bought it). Other than that, nothing. I'm looking forward to Devil May Cry 2 coming out at the end of the month. It should get me back in the mood:)

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Originally posted by Clem

is invasion like the old assault style?


you have to hold a base then attack it?




currently im playing C&C generals .... and BOY does it look sweet!!


no, this Invasion gametype is where waves (that you can configure, ie amount, types of creatures, if you start the server) of enemies from the original Unreal spawn in the map and procede to own all the players. if you die, then youre out until either everyone else dies or the rest of the wave is killed.


anyway, i play basically only FPS (UT2003, Max Payne, Half-Life, Quake-based games, MoH) Star Wars games (GB:CC) and sometimes WWII flight sims. pfft, the M1 dvader? go BAR!!

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I play old arcade games and sega console games (on my dc and genesis for example), and old/new Doom2 mods (zdoomgl/legacy) on occasion. ; )


I have games in progress on several, just haven't had time to finish up:


Deus Ex

Emperor: Battle for Dune

Thief Gold

Half Life



I also tried playing some Elite Force online recently, but I just couldn't get into it. It felt like I was playing a cross between JK2 (without force or sabers) and Quake3, but the levels annoy me (Ladders??) and what's with the super fast movement speed? It just has an odd feel to it... maybe I'll get used to it. Oh well, the SP game was nice. ; )


And of course, I've gotten back into JK2, more fun than ever.

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