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Originally posted by Lujayne

It told me I'm not goth at all! :| Same thing happened to me before, I took this "What anime villain are you?" quiz, and the thing tells me that I am not a villain at all.

Is that like repeated failure? How can this be?? -_-

Don't feel bad. Nothin' wrong with being a non-goth, and I'd think being told that you're not a villain could be a good thing.


Try these:

The Cartoon Hero Quiz



What Time Period are You?



And, just for Guildy:

What Animé Girl Are You?


If you get a non-answer on that one, then you're a failure.

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Hee. LOL. That makes absolutely no sense, but...hee.


Next: Over one question which I had two answers to, I either get this:








that. Buh?






EEP. *Runs from offensively 'cute' girl* (Figures I would get a result with a picture I hate. Gr! -.-)

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Originally posted by edlib

I think it was all the Star Trek and RPG questions that got me.

If I could pretend that my past didn't exist I might be able to do better.

Or worse.

I guess it depends on your point of view.


Same here.


14 hours of star trek i was so sad back then.


If im really careful, and dont take into account geeky stuff i did or thought when i was young i get


16.76529% - Geek

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Geek: Someone who participates in activities that are not "socially popular". I.E: tabletop RPGs, Computer games, Star Trek, ect. Also someone who has vast knowledge of a subject that isn't "cool".


I'm a Star Wars geek, as in i have vast knowledge of the universe and it's technology.


See Also: Nerd

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