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Yeah, another one of those cutesy online tests, but I think this one can actually tell you a little something about yourself. Be warned, this one can take a while.


My Result: 45.75937% - Super Geek


I honestly thought I would score lower (lower actually being less geeky. For some reason I thought I was cool... ;) )


I'm curious about a few folks here, so... have at it mateys!


Take the Geek Test

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26.82446% - Total Geek


I truly expected I would get higher... Now I'm depressed. :|


It was the "I have read..." section that gave me most of my points. :) That, and the "female geek" 5 point bonus at the end. ^_^

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It told me I'm not goth at all! :| Same thing happened to me before, I took this "What anime villain are you?" quiz, and the thing tells me that I am not a villain at all.

Is that like repeated failure? How can this be?? -_-

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