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Alas, dear readers, the drive recovery company could save only a handful of non-essential files. Everything else has been destroyed. We're now faced with the insane task of rebuilding months of articles and updates. However, there's something you can do to help us.


We're looking for any articles that were posted after september 20, 2002. (For those who are wondering, that's article id 152 and above. You can find the id number in the URL.) If you happen to have any of those articles saved on your harddrive, printed out, cached or downloaded from archive.org, we call upon you to send them to recovery@adventuregamers.com Also--and this is an important detail--if you have any bookmarks, favorites or links to any of these articles, please send us the title of the article along with the original address. This will allow us to put the articles back in the right order so that all of the old links to Adventure Gamers will continue working properly.


If we put together all the pieces that you have, and some of the original Word documents that are still on our computers, we think we can have the site in pretty good shape by the 26th.


I'm deeply sorry for putting you through yet another crisis. We're taking serious steps to prevent anything from ever happening to this site again.


Thanks for your help!

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If I had thought about it at the time the site went down I would have checked my browsers cache for any articles it might have cached. As it is now I think it is highly unlikely that any of those are saved in the cache. Unfortunately I haven't saved any articles either.


Oh, how I regret that I didn't do that import thing I thought about that would scan AG for new articles and news items and then send me an email with the articles. Now if I had done that you would have had all of the articles within a minute.


btw, it would be a great feature to ge an email for new AG news items and articles I think. And it will also be more probable that people will save your articles that way, at least I would.

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Originally posted by Moosferatu

Does that mean Intrepid and I are back down to 0?

I hope that was sarcasm.



Anyways, Sadly I don't have any articles saved and I have changed my system since AGers went down so I definitely won't have any articles cached either.


From now onwards I'm going to save each and every article that's going to be posted on AGers on my harddrive. That's a promise.

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:( Oh no! Dammit! Hmm, I too will save all articles now!

Hmm, though I'm sure Josh has these too, I have all the AA artciles. Tell me which you need (the more recent ones I'm sure) and I'll gladly type them in.

I dunno the dates, but I have several reviews: Grim Fandango, The Longest Journey, Syberia, and I have no mouth and I must scream, also printed.

This is very sad news, but I suppose if we all try very hard, we can recover the data.

Good luck :)


I'm sure I also have some bookmarks, I'll check later.


edit: All hail king Marek and Evan and everyone else: I see you've already uploaded a what you have recovered, as a link I had in my favorites led me to an article you've uploaded. Unless it's chched, but I doubt it cause everyhting is vefore the date yo specified. Anyway, I noticed you don't have TLJ and Syberia, but they're id's are earlier than 152. Maybe they just aren't uploaded yet?

I also found a review of Myst, and The article about horror movies. Do you need these? Excpect an e-mail soon, and I hope my attempts to help will succeed :)


Strangely, the IHNMaIMS (gosh what a name :p) review I have printed is different from the one on the site..


edit2: ok, so as I see it you need all Adventure architects except the first one (why did you rename it to design jounral? though that's a good name too of course ;)), the TLJ and Syberia reviews, and possibly (though mot likely) the different version of the I have no mouth review. I have their id numbers as well.

Please correct me if I'm wrong. :)

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I've just been through Google's Cache for you and found 78 of your missing articles. I've saved them as .html files using Mozilla and compressed them into a rar file.


I've just posted to some geocities webspace as "adventureg.doc"


Simply right click on this link and select Save As...




When it's downloaded rename it as adventureg.rar and use winrar to extract.


Hope that helps


(and yes, I have alot of time on my hands today :D)

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Dom: I didn't even think of using google! Anyway I looked through the id numbers of the file you uploaded, and I found 7 more articles which were missing (unfortunately without any image files. I also couldn't save the pages so I just saved the source instead, and saved an image that was there in one of them). The zip file is here:



I'm sending an e-mail right now :).


The numbers of articles are only until 260, right? I can't find anything older.


Still missing are:

153 154 159 164 165 169 176 190 206 207 212 213 214

219 225 226 231 234 236 239 240 241 247 253 260


Looks like there's hope to recover everything :)

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Thanks so much for all your help. (I had no idea Google cached so much pages!) Things are definately looking good.


We're still looking for these articles:

264 Preview Sam & Max 2

263 Preview Uru - Ages Beyond Myst

262 Preview The Longest Journey

260 Preview Broken Sword 3


We have some rough versions somewhere, but not the edited, proofread, etc. articles that were published on the site.

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