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  1. Thanks for the compliment. Some of the frames had to be recreated in order to get the best animation but I think it turned out OK.


    Folks seem disappointed that I went away from the Holocron one but I felt it was time to spruce up the profiles.


    I'll probably switch back to the Holocron one after the M4-78 EP is finally released. (I might make the holocron glow in a different color though.)

  2. That could happen. Email me the time you expect to be online - home E-mail address.

  3. You're still using TSLRCM 1.6? My word - TSLRCM version 1.7 has been out for ages. Even 1.8 is near release at this point.


    One of the issues with TSLRCM is that the makers prefer to address the issues of the older versions of TSLRCM by creating new versions of TSLRCM with more bugfixes and the like. The fixes that could applied to 1.6 are most likely gone from the site as the official forums have crashed and burned once or twice since 1.6 was released.


    That being said: head over to the http://www.dealystream.com to see the official forums of TSLRCM. Perhaps you'll see the answer to your question there. (The TSLRCM modders will likely see a question there quicker anyway.)

  4. Have you made it to SWTOR yet?

  5. Any chance you'll want to be involved with going for the Magenta Crystal and the +10 Republic Fleet Datacron once I get to level 50 in SWTOR? By the rate I'm going, the Mrs will make it to level 50 before I will. QDJ might also be interested as well - I'll ask him after I hear back from you.

  6. I probably won't see your response until tomorrow as I'm going to sleep now. I'll check LF when I'm at work tomorrow when I have lunch. Good night!

  7. How goes the Modding?

  8. I'm in the M4-78 EP mod. I was in the original one too.

  9. Glad you like the new avatar.


    Read the conversation I had with Newbiemodder on the subject on why I changed it. ;)

  10. The holocron shall return here (and at Deadly Stream) when M4-78 is released.


    Don't like the new avatar? ;)

  11. Any updates on your ROR web site yet? (Of course, I won't be asking for a release date.)

  12. No, I made my avatar in Paint Shop Pro 5. (Yes, 5!) I took this image . . .




    then added a glow effect. Then another picture with even more glow, And so on.


    Then I compiled the series of images to make an animation.

  13. I'll check as you soon as I get out of work. PM me which address you sent it to.

  14. I'd suggest asking Tyvokka about that over on Deadly Stream.

  15. If I recall correctly, you got some of the sounds from Ultimate Sound Mod from the Original Trilogy and one one of the sounds from The Phantom Menace. Am I remembering that right?

  16. Excellent. I'll look forward to hearing from both of them.

  17. Well, his mod could be used for either. As it is his own module, you could use it for both. A suggestion: finish one of your planets (including quests and voiced dialogue) so he and deathdisco can see what you can do. Then they are more likely to give you the go ahead to use their stuff. Canderis said he was going to work on combining Sithspecter's and Deathdisco's mods together then he "retired" from modding. Show you can go the distance . . .

  18. I asked mimartin about R2 sounds question. Waiting for a reply.

  19. Did you ever hear about your name being dropped in this thread?



  20. If other people can release mods with new saber sounds from the movies, I'd say that tbis is similar. Feel free to PM a moderator first to confirm - I'm in no hurry! ;)

  21. I recommend getting permission and combining Sithspecter's and Deathdisco's separate Coruscant mods. If you think you can add something in addition to that, more power to you.

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