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  1. Would you mind checking out this thread and leaving a comment?


  2. We're nearing the end . . .


    vote for your favorite voice over style for M4-78 at the M4-78 Social Group.

  3. We're closing in to the release date of the M4-78 EP. . .


    Vote for your favorite voice over style for M4-78 at the M4-78 Social Group.



  4. Z,


    Check the M4-78 Social Group for M4-78 voice samples!

  5. Hang in there, Big Q!

  6. Listen to my sound files yet?

  7. I've seen the screenshots of the Sith Stalker mod - which looked awesome - but I was unaware that it was actually released.

  8. If you thought that was bitchy, you should see the PM I was originally going to send him about it.


    Do you want to see what I was going to send him? LOL

  9. In this post, am I too bitchy? LOL

  10. Zhaboka, are you familiar with the Hssiss chatroom? Or do you have Yahoo Messenger. I'd like to chat with you about something.

  11. I see you're into XVT and I'm wondering if you might have Waylon's email. There's a PM I sent to him over at tftc and if you could let him know there was a message waiting for him, I'd appreciate it.


    In other news, how's the list of cut content for TSL going?

  12. You want droid animations, you need to chat with Khrizby.




    He's added animations for many of the droids on M4-78.

  13. HK-Melee Fix - http://knightsoftheoldrepublic.filefront.com/file/HK_Melee_Mod;107043


    Now I know what you're probably thinking. HK might not be in your mod. But what if looks like this . . .



  14. It's really more for the others than for me as I mentioned I like purple.


    A suggestion: get in touch with Crixler and see if he'd be interested in letting you include this: http://deadlystream.com/forum/topic/792-crixlers-new-lightsaber-crystal-packs/


    Also, will SOTE have the assorted animation fixes that have been released for TSL?

  15. Which mod was I upselling this time? If it was Drewton's, I don't think I actually did make any suggestions for the mod after he said he was going to release it. I just thanked him for doing so and suggested DS would be another place he could upload it! ;)


    If it wasn't Drewton's Skins, then there's a good possibility that you may be right! (I almost always have suggestions.)


    Speaking of suggestions, have you stopped by the M4-78 Social Group lately?

  16. You really ought to update the post that had all of the GUI color choices and include the silver. What is silver according to you, white or a light grey?

  17. Did you see the response in your Mass Effect 3 N7 Rifle thread?

  18. I already suggested DS to Drewton. I believe he may be interested.

  19. Wouldn't having your skins and Drewton's double the amount of skins that could be used in Revenge of Revan?

  20. If you're looking for Stoffe's page so you can look at her "Handmaiden Choice for Females" mod, go here.


    You'll have to scroll down to near the bottom of the page.

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