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  1. Hey Dak, did you get my email btw, think you forgot to attach the Xerda stuff... Thanks for all your hardwork bud! GB j7

  2. Shrugs, I'm a little belligerent on this point myself, I did have the OT on VHS and I have all 6 films on DVD; so I did Download Adywan's A New Hope Revisited, partly because George Lucas is such a cock, and not fixed what he should of done in ANH, and added crap I didn't want to see. Sadly he's added even more crap for the Blu-Rays Personally I actually think that there is an argument that would be outcry if Leonardo had gone and edited the original Mona Lisa. If Lucas wants to play with his films fine, but the Original Trilogy a part of Movie history, and the originals should be out there. Aside from the fact Adyan is a far superior movie restorer and editor than Lucas these days. My 2 cents.
  3. Only one of the three KotOR FIles servers is working, so keep hitting refresh until it brings the page up, if you can't get it up, I can email it to you, or give you the password to my dropbox account... GB j7

  4. Check your inbox ;) GB j7

  5. Hey Glenn, have you got Skype yet? Would be great to have a catch up and chat if you do! :) GB j7

  6. It used to be fine as we have a few larger files than that on site, but the site isn't what it used to be unfortunately... :( GB j7

  7. I doubt it, think that would be ok with the KotOR Files staff, but not FileFront staff... I'll try another upload again tonight and see how that goes, keeps cutting out on me, several times tried leaving it over night but no luck. GB j7

  8. SEXSY Q!!!!! SKYPEE!!!!!! GB j7

  9. Hey Astor! Long time no speak, I've returned from the Unknown Regions ;-) Let me know what you think of this... http://www.lucasforums.com/showpost.php?p=2791157&postcount=309 Would Appreciate your Input. GB j7

  10. Went well thanks, really tired though! Hows you? Been trying hard to get RoR up on KotOR Files, but frankly I'm rather concerned with the state of the site currently! GB j7

  11. Shut up or we'll invade and take away the weapons we sold you!
  12. Darth Panopticus, thanks for taking the time on doing these I did enjoy them, do I check out the KotOR sections of the boards, as you will find some helpful information over there too which will be somewhat related; I'm sure you will also find a few people round here to check future scripts to make sure it's in keeping with the already set lore...
  13. Ugh, having issues getting it up on site currently... The Server to server doesn't work, and my attempts thus far to upload it in other ways have failed... Will keep trying though! GB j7

  14. I hadn't realised they were done in 97' thought they were 04, look alright for 97, but I'd still say they are clearly CGI... Sorry I was being flippant, I wasn't saying the above shows incompetence or hate, but generally LA and LF; don't care what the fan base thinks. Have over the years come up with worse and worse plots and shallower and shallower characters.. Just me 2 cents....
  15. I wasn't sure how he did it, but they look great, he seems to use a mix of models and CGI. Just those X-wing fighters for the 2004 version just look very CGI (at least to me)... Same difference Same incompetence, same lets P*** off our fan base attitude... I can honestly say I don't think I will go back!
  16. You know what's really ridiculous is that fact Adywan added tie-fighters look more realistic than Lucas Arts CGI of all the X-wings, which looks very CGI to me.... The Death Star battle is SO much better!!!!
  17. I've kind of given up on George, lets be honest pretty much everyone but some of the fools over at Lucas Film knows the ANH Lightsabers especially Luke's on the Falcon need fixing, yet the most glaringly obvious thing they haven't fix on this point I dothink that fans are now ironically doing far better with his creations. I may well get the Blue Ray set at some point, but what annoys me is why they couldn't include the original cinematic releases as part of the set.... I'm aware of this website; http://www.fanedit.info/SW.html which for those unaware of fan edits would be worth a check out. Props to Q for pointing me the way of the above. I have to say I thoroughly recommend Adywan's EP IV 2004 Special Edition Revisited, its frankly superb and IMO the best version of ANH click here for a review. Out of interest guys does anyone have an recommendation for fan edits that are worth a look? Especially of the PT... And TPM and AotC in particular...
  18. Hey Logan, KotOR Files is ok, to be honest I hadn't taken into account writing the review, which is the hold up currently, RoR (even a beta) takes a while to write a review for ;-) GB j7

  19. Scratch that, managed to get a log-in. Although our server to server transfer won't work. I'll download from mod-db and get it up. Apologies for the wait! Should be up within 24 hours! GB j7

  20. Hey Logan, apologies for lack of contact I have just moved back to Turkey... I still can't log in to KotOR Files which is why I haven't been able to do anything over the Demo. GB j7

  21. Apologies, having problems logging in currently... Working on it! GB j7

  22. Thanks Stoffe, I have changed my password as a precautionary measure, although I wouldn't of thought my last one would have been cracked!
  23. I'll get it up on site today! GB j7

  24. Surely the most basic right is the right to food and/or health? After all freedom of speech doesn't do much good if your to sick to exercise it. As such it would seem the claim that it protects your "basic rights" seems somewhat strange, at least to me. As a general observation of American politics, both Republicans and Democrats seem to try to use the constitution in different ways and then claim their way is the original way it was intended, where upon actual fact it would seem to me the founding fathers never envisioned it being used in either way. @Topic, Taxes are a necessary evil IMO, how much you are taxed would depend on the type of society you wish to see. What a fair percentage is, is a rather had thing to say, although it does seem logical that the more you earn the more you pay in tax, although the increases in that always seem entirely arbitrary. I don't agree with VAT tax in the UK, which puts tax on all sorts of things, from clothes, to cars to food. My reason for disagreement is that it taxes the poor far more than the rich, an income based tax seems a more fair way forward IMO. So why bother trying to make lots of money if the government is going to take it all away from you? While I maybe a "liberal", I do think the Conservative assertion that the more you tax rich businessmen the less jobs they are able to provide does hold some reflection in reality.
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