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  1. Not too much Logan, I'm back and around though! Hows things with you? :) GB j7

  2. I'm back and I actually have holiday time... So I'm looking to FINALLY finish FFK1!!! Have you got Skype?? GB j7

  3. Depends how you've done it, I achieved it by deleting dialog nodes for the Endar Spire, which removed the conversation. Whats your method been? Will have to wait till tuesday as my computer is in getting a new hard-drive until then... GB j7

  4. Hey, I've finished what I'm doing if you want me to send you what I've done?? GB jx

  5. Hey sorry for slow reply... Have been away! Replied via PM. GB j7

  6. Just jonathan7 thanks Logan, my apologies for being pretty much Awol for the past few months, real life has just sapped time! GB j7

  7. Awesome! Thanks a lot Dak, I look forward to testing it! :D GB j7

  8. Hey, nuts, it's because their (Vrook, Zhar and Doraks) appearance is altered in the appearance.2da I sent you, and because the models and textures aren't in your Override folder that's why they don't appear. You could copy and paste the last rows from the appearance.2da I sent you into an original one to get it to work. Alternatively I can give you my dropbox account info and their is a folder there called "Override" which has everything in my Override folder in it ;) GB j7

  9. Hey,hows things? You get my email? GB j7

  10. Sound great Dak! Great work... Thanks alot! Row 522 is the appearance row for your Jedi Quarren:) GB j7

  11. Hey Dak, if you create the custom merchant placeable it should be possible to just use KotOR tool to add the necessary weapons etc (as you can edit the usual merchants this way) however I can create the proper .uti's (I currently only have test ones). Would you also like me to send you the Jedi Quarren skin, who was the dude I was intending to have as our Merchant (means he can just talk in Quarren). I can let send you the login account for my Dropbox account which has all the Force Fashion K1 stuff in (incase of hard-drive failure etc). GB j7

  12. Oi.... Skype :-p GB j7

  13. Basically a Jedi Merchant somewhere appropriate inside the enclave to buy specialised gear off... I figure if you just make a new .utp I would be able to drop in the custom items? GB j7

  14. You around tomorrow?? GB j7

  15. Heya Dak, robes look good thanks :) Just in the process of trying to skin them currently, get the collar to match up etc... If your up for making the Merchant, that would be grand! :D GB j7

  16. Heya Logan, my apologies for lack of contact/activity, yeah I heard the VO's they sounded good! :D GB j7

  17. Hey! :) Hows you? I'd agree with some of what Harris points to Craig doing, but then I had the same thing done to me in Kavars recently (like Harris I couldn't be bothered to respond)... About a month a go I spent two weeks with Prof. John Hare, here's one of his debates with Peter Singer;

    GB j7
  18. Hey Quanon, do you have any .psd's of the helmet you sent me?? Working on re-skins at the moment and they would be useful if you have them ;) GB j7

  19. Hey, I've got the mod, shoudl have time tomorrow to get it up! Been away for quite a while! GB j7

  20. I'm back!!!!! How art thou?? GB j7

  21. Here ya go; http://www.lucasforums.com/showpost.php?p=2772822&postcount=255 - Special question in there for you too! Thanks for all your hard work :D GB j7

  22. Hey! Hows you? Been really busy recently but finally have time to work on Force Fashion K1 :D So hopefully will be out soon! Hows tricks with you?? GB j7

  23. Got your email... Thanks :D I'll get onto Q and we can get the mod done and released!!! GB j7

  24. Sam <3 I am very sorry; I have seen your message in Kavars, but have been so busy with the lectures and seminars I have as of yet been unable to reply, though I return to the UK tomorrow so am hoping to continue the discussion upon my return! =) GB j7

  25. Fantastic work you, you are AMAZING!!!! :-D GB jx

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