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  1. Feel free to add the below Malak skin to Dantooine tension should you so wish, also let me know if you want any of the Alien Jedi I've done for FFK1 in the mod... GB j7

  2. Just save this back as a .tga ;)picture.php?albumid=710&pictureid=8548 GB j7

  3. Thanks for your thoughts... :) GB j7

  4. Hey... you have any thoughts on this; http://www.lucasforums.com/showpost.php?p=2791501&postcount=341 input would be greatly appreciated as feedback doesn't seem too positive... GB j7

  5. Hey Glenn, awesome, thanks for all your scripting bad-assness, footlocker would be my suggestion, possible at the end of the pc's bed? I can send you any of the relevant files should you so wish! =) GB j7

  6. Hey Glenn, I haven't done, but I can do... For the Sith Assassins, a double bladed sword will probably work best, in comparison to what they use in K2. I'll have a closer look tonight. For the PC the soldier.uti, scout.uti and scoundrel.uti, as well as rephelm.uti, blaster, rifle and sword. Don't think there's anything else. Thanks for all your work! GB j7

  7. Awesome! Thanks for all your work bro, really appreciate it!

  8. "Worse than Vader's no is the new edit of AotC. Right after Yoda is saving Obi-Wan and Anakin"


    What has he done now? :s GB j7

  9. Hey Dak, did you get my email btw, think you forgot to attach the Xerda stuff... Thanks for all your hardwork bud! GB j7

  10. Only one of the three KotOR FIles servers is working, so keep hitting refresh until it brings the page up, if you can't get it up, I can email it to you, or give you the password to my dropbox account... GB j7

  11. Check your inbox ;) GB j7

  12. Hey Glenn, have you got Skype yet? Would be great to have a catch up and chat if you do! :) GB j7

  13. It used to be fine as we have a few larger files than that on site, but the site isn't what it used to be unfortunately... :( GB j7

  14. I doubt it, think that would be ok with the KotOR Files staff, but not FileFront staff... I'll try another upload again tonight and see how that goes, keeps cutting out on me, several times tried leaving it over night but no luck. GB j7

  15. SEXSY Q!!!!! SKYPEE!!!!!! GB j7

  16. Hey Astor! Long time no speak, I've returned from the Unknown Regions ;-) Let me know what you think of this... http://www.lucasforums.com/showpost.php?p=2791157&postcount=309 Would Appreciate your Input. GB j7

  17. Went well thanks, really tired though! Hows you? Been trying hard to get RoR up on KotOR Files, but frankly I'm rather concerned with the state of the site currently! GB j7

  18. Ugh, having issues getting it up on site currently... The Server to server doesn't work, and my attempts thus far to upload it in other ways have failed... Will keep trying though! GB j7

  19. Hey Logan, KotOR Files is ok, to be honest I hadn't taken into account writing the review, which is the hold up currently, RoR (even a beta) takes a while to write a review for ;-) GB j7

  20. Scratch that, managed to get a log-in. Although our server to server transfer won't work. I'll download from mod-db and get it up. Apologies for the wait! Should be up within 24 hours! GB j7

  21. Hey Logan, apologies for lack of contact I have just moved back to Turkey... I still can't log in to KotOR Files which is why I haven't been able to do anything over the Demo. GB j7

  22. Apologies, having problems logging in currently... Working on it! GB j7

  23. I'll get it up on site today! GB j7

  24. You got Skype yet??? GB j7

  25. You got Skype set up yet? GB j7

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