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  1. Hey Q, thanks for all your hardwork! Sorry to hear your having issues! Did you have a look at the mods I sent to see how they did what they did? I'd of thought it would of just been a matter of adding a new head to the appearance.2da and linking it to that? Though I'm ignorant on such things, have you tried contacting Dak to ask, he may know! GB j7

  2. Fancy doing icons for Force Fashion K1??? GB j7

  3. Hey, update.....


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    Anything you'd like done, suggestions/criticisms? GB j7

  4. Heya Glenn!!! Hows tricks? hows the job going? GB j7

  5. You can run, but it only increases the rods excited state! ;-) GB j7

  6. Thanks, the range is huge! I always enjoy playing with my glow rod... Would you like to touch it? ;) GB j7

  7. Hey! Glad your good and great news on flight school... Hope it goes well! Glad you like the Force Fashion stuff! Let me know if you have any input/suggestions/requests or stuff of yours you'd like in it! GB j7

  8. Hey SS! I'm cool cheers, hows you? hows life? Hope things are going well! GB jx

  9. Hey, to be honest I haven't looked at the combat suit in game, but I have to say having looked at them in photoshop you've done an excellent job, they look really good :) GB j7

  10. Hey, what time? I'm gonna be busy until tonight most likely... GB jx

  11. Hows this...


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    I've tried to keep it in keeping with your designs for the other students and what not in your academy while also trying to combine it the formal pilot look, let me know what you think... GB j7

  12. Hey, now worries, deffo possible! GB j7

  13. Hey sexy Q, hows u? Hows the head/mask coming?? GB j7

  14. I'll run with the formal uniform, may need a hat ;) GB j7

  15. Thanks! :) Glad you think so! GB j7

  16. Okies, so I'm about to start work on this pilot skin, but would you prefer a smart uniform, or a jumpsuite combat style one? It's for K1 I'm thinking? GB jx

  17. Hey, sounds good... I'm up for it, thinking of a variation on this...




    GB j7

  18. Heya, having a look at UV would be great :) I'm more than happy to do a reskin, just let me know what you want! GB j7

  19. Hey, I did, thanks very much! It made a great bday present :D I'm preparing an email back for you (the Sith Stalker stuff, for you to enjoy! and possibly the female jedi robe, if you fancied having a look at it?), I have to say that your .psd's are a lot more orderly and well kept than mine! GB j7

  20. Ahem, good sir, thou art hath not heareth much from thee, how art thou???? GB j7

  21. Murph! How you doing??? We should Skype soon, would be good to catch up! GB j7

  22. Of course thats cool, its your work! GB jx

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