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  1. Hey Capibara, hows you? Hows life? Sorry for slow reply, your Davik skins look great :) Would love to have them in FFK1, should you wish for them to be in the mod. My only suggestion would be to turn the red semi circles into purple ones. Do you have Skype? GB j7

  2. Looks awesome RedRob41, I know all the fans are in for a treat, first class skinning there! I've posted a reply in the social group for you
  3. Yeah it was :) Will work for both females and males....

  4. Do you still have this save file; http://www.lucasforums.com/showpost.php?p=2641629&postcount=75 - I could really do with it for FFk1! GB j7

  5. Hey VP, hows you? Hope your well bud! Just wanted to say been playing through TSL:RCM, with some of your mods and they are awesome... In particular, the Peragus Miners, and your version of Kreia are fantastic! Interestingly with issues with the miners not dying error; I found if I walked quickly into a module they wouldn't die, but if I stayed still for around 5-10 seconds, they were always dead! Out of interest your Handmaiden Sister fix TSLRCM compatible? GB j7

  6. Saw your convo with SH, FFK1 is about 95% done now... Female Jedi Robe back of neck is a pain... Got hoods to finalise, and haven't finished playing with the icons... GB j7

  7. Awesome... Great news! :) Thanks Qui-Gon... Stuff of legend ;) GB j7

  8. Oh I was basing my opinion off the photo-copied pages... I had ignored the fan abbreviated version and read the few photo's...
  9. Sounds ****, they should of just left Revan and the Exile alone... Though I think K2 is the far more interesting story, as it's not a strict light dark dichotomy and retconning it away is only something a complete fool would do. I do agree with TK about Revan being totally blown up by fans own ego's but meh, I think Star Wars needs to remember part of the Original Triologies mystique was not spelling everything out... In this case leaving what happened to Revan and the Exile would of worked a lot better.
  10. Yeah, I had deffo thought about it, there are only 2 files which actually conflict, atton.dlg and disciple.dlg, which spawn their Jedi Robes, although patching those files is not an area I'm familiar with. GB j7

  11. Looks awesome! Gotta love Aliens.... Loved these guys since I was a kid!
  12. Hey Glenn, hows you? Hows things going? GB j7

  13. On this wonderful day my dear crime lord, I present that smuggler who crossed your and you set out a handsome reward for; Happy Birthday adamqd (this post may or may not have been inspired by Astor)
  14. Yeah, of course thats fine :) PM me your email address and I'll send them over. GB j7

  15. Feel free to add the below Malak skin to Dantooine tension should you so wish, also let me know if you want any of the Alien Jedi I've done for FFK1 in the mod... GB j7

  16. Just save this back as a .tga ;)picture.php?albumid=710&pictureid=8548 GB j7

  17. Thanks for your thoughts... :) GB j7

  18. Hey... you have any thoughts on this; http://www.lucasforums.com/showpost.php?p=2791501&postcount=341 input would be greatly appreciated as feedback doesn't seem too positive... GB j7

  19. Who gets bored of Star Destroyers? Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) Full image of my Avatar
  20. Hey Glenn, awesome, thanks for all your scripting bad-assness, footlocker would be my suggestion, possible at the end of the pc's bed? I can send you any of the relevant files should you so wish! =) GB j7

  21. Hey Glenn, I haven't done, but I can do... For the Sith Assassins, a double bladed sword will probably work best, in comparison to what they use in K2. I'll have a closer look tonight. For the PC the soldier.uti, scout.uti and scoundrel.uti, as well as rephelm.uti, blaster, rifle and sword. Don't think there's anything else. Thanks for all your work! GB j7

  22. Awesome! Thanks for all your work bro, really appreciate it!

  23. "Worse than Vader's no is the new edit of AotC. Right after Yoda is saving Obi-Wan and Anakin"


    What has he done now? :s GB j7

  24. I won't be happy until the multi-coloured lightsabers are fixed... Especially in ANH, but Vaders pink lightsaber across the films pisses me off too... May ironically buy the Phantom Menace, due to it being the only one with a change that was really needed (CGI Yoda over that horrible muppet in TPM).
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