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  1. How were the VOs? ^^

  2. Oops! Meant to say "whenever". :p


    Okay, sounds good to me. Glad to have ya back, old friend!

  3. Been doing good too. Getting my first job this coming month! :D

  4. Actually, I changed my mind last night. I'll just play a 19-year-old. :3 Thanks, Alkonium!

  5. Actually, you can post whevever you like.


    Either Sethos can have a face-off with Lyna's clone on Nal Hutta (where we're currently at) or we can fight somewhere else. I don't mind which one you want to do. :)

  6. Hey, Alkonium. :) Are you still looking for people to play in your RP? If so, is it okay if I play as a little kid (7-10 years old?)

  7. Hey, Tysy! Long time, no see! *hugs*


    Hey, you still in Fighting for Peace rp? I'm back to RPing! :D

  8. Hey, logan! I'm sorry I took long with my recordings. I've been busy with college and all. I'll try and find a way to record my voice and send it to you. :S

  9. Hey, Cyborg! How've you been? :D

  10. M'kay, that's cool. ^^


    And yes, you can definitely play as Sethos if you like. :D

  11. Oh! Don't worry, I'm still in it! But if I get a bit too busy, you can take her over. :)

  12. That's good. And yeah, I'm still hangin' in there. ^_^


    Yep, I'm still doing the RP. And yes, Slate can definitely come in. Maybe he can meet Lyna and the crew at Nal Hutta. That's where we're headed. :)

  13. Thanks Chev. I also gotta thank PK too. :)

  14. lol Hey MA! *hugs* It has been a while, hasn't it? Been busy with college and all. Phew! Other than that, it's been a good start of the year. ^_^ How you been?


    Oh, and what's this request you have for me? :D

  15. M'kay. Just gotta find a character. :)

  16. Mmm, I'll think on it. The Sith Resurrection one sounds pretty cool. Don't really know much about Mass Effect. :S

  17. Hey, Tysy. Long time, long see. :)


    Sorry I've been gone long. Been busy with a lot of stuff. You still playing in Fighting for Peace RP?

  18. Haha Thanks. :D You still playing in the Peace RP?

  19. Yeah, been kind of busy lately doing projects and all. But still doing the RP! :D


    But that's great, PK! Congratulations! I might even see your works on TV/Film. ^^

  20. Cyborg!!! *hugs* Man, I missed you guys. T.T

  21. Hey, PK. Been a while since I came on here. :p

  22. Ah, shucks. Thanks. ^^ And yeah, keep doing what you're doing! I believe you'll do great animations on TV/film someday. (And say No! to procrastination) :lol:

  23. LOL! I saw your animations. They're awesome! Keep up the great work! ^_^


    Also added you as a friend and subscribed. You're awesome, PK. :hugs:

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