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  1. Hey, PK! I made a new video on Youtube! It's called "Cade and Wolf Sazen hijacks car". Hope you like it. ^_^

  2. Hey, that's great, Kyvios! :D And College is definitely going great for me.

  3. YAY! *hugs* Hope you had fun. And yep, I already posted. ;)

  4. Oh yeah! I'm okay with it. Have fun! :D

  5. Nope, I don't mind at all. :)

  6. It's okay. And I'm sorry. I'll have him do something if you want. ;)

  7. Sounds good to me. :) And yeah, looking forward to it as well.

  8. Do you want Asuka walking along and spotting her old friends or no? Either way, I don't mind. :)

  9. Waiting for your post in Fighting for Peace, Kyvios... :)

  10. Waiting on your post for Fighting for Peace, PK. Lyna's crew will be on Zeltros shortly. ^^

  11. Oh! Umm... D'aww, what the heck! I couldn't let an old friend down. :)


    Just give me time to make her CS, 'kay?

  12. Really? Mmm... I'll think on it. :)

  13. Oh. Well, that's okay. No problem. :)

  14. Still in Fighting for Peace? :)

  15. Hey, Cyborg! Good to hear from ya! :hugs:


    I'm doing great. How 'bout you?

  16. It's never too late. :) Go right ahead, Chev.

  17. Hmmm... that might set the tension high... sounds good! ^^


    I mean, if you want to do it, that is.

  18. You're welcome! And no problem. Take your time. ;)

  19. Doing good! And sure, I'll give you the scoop. ;)


    Right now, the clone of Lyna and Isaac (Kyvios) are done sparring and are about to head to her ship to find Cade first. Meanwhile, Reaper aka Cade Skywalker (Phantom K.) is talking to Rav about a bounty in his apartment via hologram. As for Xan (Cyborg N.) and Tandra (Tysyacha), they're hunting Lyna down for Darth Sethos (hopefully Master_Archon), Lyna's grandfather and soon to be Emperor.


    This help? :)

  20. You're definitely right, Kyvios. Thank you. :hugs:

  21. *hugs Kyvios and cries* Thanks, Kyvios. College is really getting to me. That's good though. But doing a lot of work gets s tiring! I already miss my childhood...

  22. Wait a sec! That's a brillant idea! :D


    It would also be cool to see him surprised to see the new Lyna too. That's just me though.

  23. Still wanna join the Fighting for Peace RP? :)

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