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  1. Umm, no..


    No there's not.. :lol:

  2. Don't I always? :p

  3. New avvy, eh? :p Very nice. ;)

  4. Happy Birthday. :p

  5. Couldn't hurt to check it out. :p

  6. Always happy for the advertising. ;)

  7. FotW isn't my lookout. ;)

  8. Haha, yes.. There was a bit of a cock up.. :p It'll be sorted soon.. ^_^


    Yeah, Crystal was my favourite. If they were to make remakes of them, i'd defo buy em. :D

  9. :lol:


    Accepting sexual favours from machines is something I don't generally do, believe it or not...


    But next time, I shall..

  10. I'm one of the people sad enough to do the Mew glitch in RBY.. :lol:


    Just to get the full set.. :p

  11. Haha, yon afore spoken be pestering me for yon favours of sexual natures... You should set it on Uncle T.

  12. Pfft. Diamond and Pearl fail. There's just too many Pokemon now, it's ridiculous.


    Gold, Silver and Crystal were the best. You had the 150(1) from RBY, and a few extra ones. Ruby Saphire and emerald are the last ones I liked, but only because of the new graphics. Now it's just dumb. :p

  13. o yes..


    Been replaying the crystal version again.. :p

  14. There've been three. ;)

  15. Ahoy! You are in yon caravan, yes? Or was that on monday.. :p


    If tis the latter, why are you not on MSN? >_<

  16. Posted links to the latest two versions of your mod in the TUCE thread.


    Sorry about the wait.

  17. A L I E N :D


    Glad to see you stuck around here on LF after FileFront was relaunched. :D

  18. Oh, there's plenty of trouble to be had.. :p


    Still, glad you're back 'on your feet' as it were.. :D

  19. ChAiNz!


    Sorry to hear about your accident, mate.


    Glad you're ok! :D

  20. Yeah, it's across the whole network.


    It's Easter, so nothing will be done about it today. It should be fixed tomorrow, or within the next few days at least.

  21. 'Wilkommen in die Casino' may be a better choice.. :p

  22. Guten Abend, mein führer! :p


    Umm yeah, I don't think your title is exactly umm.. Tasteful.. :p

  23. I have conferred onto yon brain ache with flashing images of the planetary global rotation my inner musings. :)

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