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  1. working on one of those hallways...but still having problems opening the rest in 3dsmax....gives me an error when I try to open them

  2. ...and I cannot open the other files...I see the scene as thumbnal..but when open...error

  3. You'll need to convert those to meshes...maybe remap

  4. just one thing I noticed about Hall1 right off...some of your objects are still editable POLY...think they need to be editable MESHES

  5. Willl look at those files as soon as I can...just so I'm clear...the bridge is the only thing working right now...those hall1 mdl files crash you game? right?..

  6. Hey DS...it's been awhile...? what is the module number for m4-78 industry control zone?

  7. I've been messing around with 3ds and I think I'm good with that second hat...got something going...you can focus on your own stuff, which looks awesome btw...I'll send you a pic of what I have...tulip looks good.

  8. Holty...doesn't look like you've been around...would like to use your reskin of Zez-kai-ell from kotorfiles in a mod of mine...will give you credit of course. thx

  9. Glad the bridge works,,,I wi

    L try to look at the hall 2day

  10. I got your email...How did those new bridge files work out?...I will take a look at the hall maybe sometime today/tonight?....i

  11. pm me your email. I want to send you a new asii file to try. I do not have the latest version of Kaurora...my version is giving me an error...however when I reload it back into gmax and 3ds max it looks like it should be.

  12. looking at your nwmax file of the bridge now....dd you create a .lyt file and vis file...and add the room to the .are file.

  13. Got your message...I have to run out for a while...send me a pm with the details and I will check back with you later.

  14. Glad you got kaurora working for your areas....now here comes a little prod you said you would need to remind you about my helmets :)

  15. Wondering if I may use your Naga Sadow head in a mod? full credit of course.

  16. I may have asked you this already....may I use your selectable goto head in a mod? full credit of course.

  17. Awesome Z. VO's are top notch. You are the best.

  18. How goes the vo's? I know your busy...I'm out of town this week anyways so no rush....but next week looks good :)

  19. Did that work for you? Did you get a chance to play it?

  20. How those vo's coming?

  21. Nice job VP...works perfectly.

  22. trying out your head fixer app today

  23. That's one of Quanon's areas...I reskinned it and reworked it a little.

  24. I found your email

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