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  1. Am running Windows 7 64 bit.


    I did end up being able to run KAurorac11 on the WinXP virtual machine (with a fun workaround) but now I'm having issues getting the file to export with the correct UVMapping.


    Work continues on...

  2. Deadman-


    Stoney and I at one point were working on a hooded model which, using the Handmaiden hoodon/hoodoff animation, you could raise and lower at will. I don't know where the last version was standing though...

  3. Having fun skinning those models?

  4. Hey man, was wondering where you got that Handmaiden skin from in your sig? I like the hair... well the color is okay, I'm more interested in the way the hair actually looks.

  5. actually, now that you mention it, how would I go about reattaching UVmap verts. That seems to be the issue - too many tverts for the amount of verts listed. My fix was just to use break, but is there a better way?

  6. If I don't, it throws another exception on me. Breaking all of the verts isn't really working anyways. bitmaps aren't showing up and my latest attempt has the module freezing on load.

  7. I should add that I need to break all of the vertices to even get the ascii to load in Kaurora... should I need to do this? Sorry to n00b on you :/

  8. Somehow my PM got to magnus, and he's working on finding and releasing the source code. Which certainly makes for less hoops to jump through...


    Now I'm stuck at actually compiling the models. It seems whatever I don the UVmap is royally screwed

  9. Yeah, 64 bit. wouldn't it still work on the Virtual Machine though?

  10. Sure thing. Right now, the models are being prepared for 90SK's content mod, but that's not to say he's the only one able to use them.


    So yes, you may use them, but it will be awhile until I have them prepared. Sit tight :)

  11. Well, I am running it on Win7 via Virtual machine. I do have KAurorac11, which will run but when I try to load an ascii file it throws an exception.


    If there is a newer version than c11, then I'd be most interested in obtaining that.


    Really, I just want to get area models with lightmaps. Without those, it just seems flat and uninteresting. Like JK2 levels lol

  12. Was wondering if and how you have KAurorac11 working on your computer? Been having some issues with it...


    Any advice would be helpful

  13. Any advice on getting KAurorac11 working on an XP? I've been having troubles with .NET framework and all that jazz.


    What setup did you have that allowed it to run?


    Any help/advice would be helpful.

  14. Hey Quanon,


    How did you get KAurora working on XP? I'm trying to get the version that supports lightmaps to load but well... having some funky issues with .NET framework and everything.


    Any advice/help would be most helpful :D

  15. lol thanks it's no problem. Just surprised I won last year with that fairly simple mod.

  16. Yes sir I will send a download link to your PM box. I have to make a few changes and it'll be on it's way.

  17. I'm actually not that busy with HK. I might be able to help you out with a script.

  18. Hey man, check the Revan Face thread - I made a head model you might want to use in conjunction with your mod.

  19. Hey Q. Best of luck to you. I may not know you in RL, but I can always imagine you as a dinosaur head in a hospital bed. :D (You know, like your avatar ;) )

  20. The newest version on DeadlyStream is, I believe. (Handsister Fix I mean). I was never sure what exactly caused the miners to stay dead or die.. it was very mysterious for me. It could have to do with just generally being a lot for the game to process.

  21. Damn you and your upselling!


    lol as long as the mod is released and uploaded somewhere, I'm happy.

  22. What up? Been awhile, no?

  23. Hey Quanon, sorry to bother you, but I saw in your thread with KAurora and Windows 7 that you got it all to work somehow. I'm having the same issues all except for the part where I actually get it to work... It worked with older versions, but then I wanted to do lightmaps and... well that's when it hit the fan. :p

  24. You can do whatever you think looks better model-wise. If you're adding a new facial structure, I'd recommend adding to the main geometry. If you're adding a danglymesh however... obviously keep it separate.

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