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  1. Hey Vanir, how's the new RPG tweak coming along? Anything I can help with? Are those scripts working yet?

  2. Thanks. Expect to see a trailer up on Youtube in the near future... well, in the coming weeks.

  3. Malachor VI is the codename for the restored/modified/new content project that I've been working on for like 6 months now. It's called VI because it's the sequel to V, and therefore, presumably better.

  4. Actually, there's a pretty good chance that won't happen, if at all, for a long time. I'm tied up with my Malachor VI mod.

  5. Thanks newbie. I'm eager to see what other things people can come up with! I just don't have the time, you know!

  6. Yeah, I saw your user-name pop up in the forum here. Nice to see you again.

  7. Actually, it would be better to link it to this page:




    Lord of Hunger's words of wisdom.

  8. Sounds like a good idea actually. It's one of those things that needs to be done... that and a chatbox that works better than xat...

  9. Deadlystream is down again... strange, no?

  10. Well, it wouldn't really piss them off, which is why I changed it.


    TSLRCM has been removed from Wookieepedia, which isn't a problem, but the admin who nominated it for deletion is in favor of TSLRP. According to their own notability requirements, it should have been deleted, but it wasn't. They tried to use their own rules to back up their position and have been insulting our intelligence the whole way.

  11. Try playing with this function


    object GetFoundEnemyCreature(object oTarget=OBJECT_SELF);

  12. In the Nwscript there should be a function called ActionCastSpellAtObject or something like that.

  13. Genoharadan script? Was I supposed to research any more stuff for the script?

  14. Unfortunately, that game will probably stay like that for the forseeable future.

  15. Sweet. What do you think?

  16. It was up earlier last week, but it went down again, I think

  17. Team Hssiss, if you're not too busy

  18. You need java to run it, I guess

  19. Pretty good. Check out the page.




    Mixed reviews.. mostly people were either thinking: God what a show-off! or Were just sitting in reverent silence.

  20. Cool. If necessary, I am able to test out stuff for ROR. I have a good PC now

  21. I'd love to come to hssiss, but the xatbox doesn't seem to be loading on my win7 computer.

  22. I should be able to do it... I need to have my final project for Java Programming done by wednesday so I'll be busy until then, but after that, I'll do it.

  23. Trying to get flashplayer so team hssiss will work... among other things

  24. Ooops, uh... no :). When do you want it by? I got a new computer to test my kotor mods out on... just gotta get it working... stupid Kotor/Windows 7 compatibility...

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