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  1. That's alright. I was just wondering.

  2. Hey rc, I can't remember.... did you request to test the FFM beta? and if so, did I ever give you a link?

  3. You'll always be DarthDac to me! *cries*

  4. Hey Darkus, would you by chance like to take screenshots for the FFM? I would be most appreciative, and I'll credit you for it in the readme for testing and screenshots.

  5. This is correct, I am still looking for a way.


    I don't know how to make the visual effect use a different tga for the visual effect though. I suppose I could look into it after a bit. I have some RL things to take care of in the meantime though.

  6. ur.. I don't remember right now exactly... if I can get Kgff working I'll check out the values that need to be changed or something like that.

  7. uh... idk.. near the bottom. It should be something like ambient sunfog or something like that.


    As for the values.. I'll have to get back to you on that...

  8. Man, why'd you change your name? I'm.. just confused now.

  9. It's ambient fog... you can adjust values in the .are file for any module. Open it with KGff (or whatever you prefer) and find the respective column

  10. Hey Doc, I'm learning to play Little Wing!

  11. Yeah, too bad I lost my Hendrix cd... sigh...

    But yeah, the oldies are sooooo much better than the crap nowadays.

  12. Hey, I'm loving the Voodoo Child sig Doc! and RoTS is looking pretty sweet ;)

  13. Hey, good to see you around :) hi


    How's the purple twi'lek treating you?

  14. Not likely. Everyone seems to like the garbage... not sure why though.


    We should do the next best thing... but how would we adapt this to be a mod? idk if it's possible...

  15. lol, we could call it "Half-Price Brothers" :p even though.. we're not really brothers.. but you get the idea.

  16. lol, is it sad that I have a cheap theme song brewing in my head already?

  17. Ha ha.. HPB is awesome. We've probably crossed paths and never knew! :o

  18. I like the bottom Drayen head. IMO though, the tattoos could be a bit more ornate...

  19. uh... well, where do I look logan?

  20. Crystal. Pretty much at the edge of Minneapolis. Maple Grove isn't all that far away from here.

  21. I have no problem with doing it.. but I'm not sure why you're forcing me to. It kind of makes me want to not sign it.

  22. mk. sounds good. You do know that I was referring to the first one? (caucasian guy with beard) right?

  23. Oh, that would be tremendous!

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