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  1. Check your e-mail chief :D


    Edit: Disregard that PM, the problem was on my end.


    Got an idea, would you like me to make a version that uses male anims as well? You would have to have a "male" item and a "female" item (as well a an additional male 2da line), but it is pretty weird when my male PC starts walking around differently. Just another thought.


    P.S. Also, DON'T use the .2da I sent over. That's what my original problem was...

  2. Very cool! And it works in-game? That wouldn't happen to be the texture from that building in your arena module would it?

  3. I used to but not anymore. Why?

  4. Sure I'm up for it! Sounds cool.

  5. Sure, doing full body models to singles is really easy to do so that shouldn't be a problem. I can do it now along with the mask and send them both over to you - I'll make a .uti for the mask as well but I'll leave you to change it as you see fit. I'm so pumped for this mod, it's getting so big! I'll definitely have to give K1 another playthrough. If there are any other mask ideas you'd like to see let me know (from in-game models that aren't wearable, if you know what I mean. Just uploaded one to kfiles you can peek at as an example).


    Edit: Just remembered I'm going to edit the backpackless model, so I'll just send the mask when I'm done!

  6. Hey, would you be interested in having the mask from the female tusken alone wearable by the player? Similar to Revan's mask in BoS... just an idea, I've been having fun playing with the game's models lately.

  7. That would be Justin Shekoski, lead guitar of Saosin. He's not too flashy, he just has a very unique style I like... he's the guy that did those guitar flips in the vid I showed you.

  8. Heya, think you could lock this thread for me please? http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=204703


    Modding for me has been slow, but I haven't forgotten about that female tusken!

  9. http://knightsoftheoldrepublic.filefront.com/screenshots/File/117978/9


    Hopefully this is close to how you envisioned it - you really helped me with this one, thank you!

  10. Hey, I just checked out your art thread (saw the link in your sig) and I just want to tell you I enjoyed what I saw! Keep it up - your photography in particular is very good.


    I have a question how you made this one:

    Show spoiler
    (hidden content - requires Javascript to show)

    It looks like maybe you made the basic shapes in illustrator(correct me if I'm wrong), but did you make all the detail (coloring, gradients, detail on the gun) in the same program or another? I'm not very good with making stuff from scratch so I'm just wondering. Thanks!

  11. Finally got around to it, expect to see a new version of "Dak's Armored Robes" sometime soon, I just uploaded it to filefront. Dont think I forgot about you ;)


    Show spoiler
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    Yes, they look a bit awkward, but we have females :thmbup1:

  12. You don't have to include it if there's not space. I have a spot I can use it for in my skin pack (which is basically done anyway) to make the regular sith assassins in TSL look more exciting/cooler/something.

  13. Hm I wasn't asking for you to make me a texture, I was just suggesting something for FF. If you're far along already though I know a use for it. I dunno what's up with the lighting, so it is off and it wasn't just me? I can take a look at it and see what's up but historically I'm not great at fixing the lighting issues :/


    On another note I just converted your TOR armor skin for a new female model I *finally* figured out how to make. Look for "armored robes 2.0" to be released soon!

  14. Sent you an e-mail

  15. I think that works out great counting in the fact that nobody likes the star forge robes anyway. I got a little something I've been working on that you might like, I'll send you a PM when its worthy of a picture :p


    Hope you had a good holiday!

  16. Cool, I'll play with that if I can. Nothing special, just went out to dinner with the family. Everyones tight on money so nothing too extravagant :xp:


    Can I ask how your planning on making the RSF armor wearable to the player? I could never figure it out without replacing an armor when I was making my old republic camo mod.

  17. Yes! I love that fem sand person thingy you started on. I'll play with anims for you but I've been really busy lately. I have an idea for a male stalker if you'd like to hear it. I started working on one for TSL a while ago - it uses the sith assassin which is the same map as Jolee's clothing from K1. I could edit his model a bit so that it looks like it more. Would this technically be porting because the map is used in both games? It's the same as if I edited Jolee's clothes if you know what I mean. Anyway let me know what you think of that...


    Also love the hoods with the male sand person models!

  18. Thanks! Happy holidays to you as well!!

  19. Ehh sorry I've been kind of out of modding lately. Been real busy, I'll try to get them when I get a minute.

  20. Hey, I've got a little question for you. What % opacity do you use for your baremetal shaders on your saber hilts? I can never get mine to look right and yours look perfect in-game so I was just wondering. Thanks! :)

  21. Whoops, sorry I forgot! I used to, but Skype doesn't like to work on my new computer for some reason - it always freezes it up badly. So the answer is no, sorry.

  22. I've been away for a while too, sorry! Trying to finish up that mod, here is the thread:


  23. Sorry I've been kinda busy, but yep opening them up right now :D

    I'll let you know my thoughts.


    Edit: Replied with some feedback for ya

  24. I feel the same way about the body sizes so you may want to let him know. As for the hood I'm not sure. I can try but I'm not sure if it would be attached right. There is this mod though, it could do the trick but it doesn't look too clean (doesn't bother me but it probably does some people) and also is only male (didn't know that until I looked up the link). Let me know what you think!

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