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  1. TBH I don't know why I posted on your Dealystream profile as I don't really go there either. I guess I was just on :p


    I replied on where you can get your placeables

  2. That doesn't exist if you manage to keep the Sith uniforms on Taris (or in any other Sith uniform mod), so no.

  3. Oh well they're in there and I can't access the monitor. You don't still have your original files do you? Because I got nothin.

  4. Hey Trex, what kind of voice producing program do you use for your computer-generated voices? Thanks!

  5. I would love to but I'm a little too busy to do a playthrough :( thanks so much for the offer! You can count on me using it when I do play next anyway.

  6. Hey dude I'm working with an Endar Spire module now too and I found a little solution to get the skybox to stop spinning if you haven't already.

  7. Haha, it's a singer named Andrew McMahon (in his younger days). Most don't know who he is but I'm a big fan of his stuff...

  8. About the dueling room, I need to fix a few things (make the textures custom, make the terminal work) but I never got the git, ifo, or are files or the utc's of any of the characters in the module. Do you have them? I don't think there's a way to break down a .mod file.

  9. Hey hey, I'm not sure if you ever check Deadlystream, but I posted on there saying how much I like your blog. It's kind of awesome :thmbup1:

  10. Cool, do you have the lines or need me to send them to you? Fixed your panel by the way. The dueling room is sick! When you actually do stuff you never cease to impress me :thmbup1:


    Oh, also do you still have the rest of the module stuff for the dueling room? I need to edit it but all I have is the plc, utd, and skins.

  11. No problem, thanks a lot for the reply :)

  12. Hey, do you voice act? Would you like to audition for a mod of mine? There are a couple characters who still need voicing.

  13. Wanna voice the Republic interrogator and Dak's father?

  14. The Sith interrogation is so awesome :D

  15. Hey Snard welcome to the forums :)

  16. Yes sir. It looks great as usual. So when do I get to beta test? ;)

  17. If you're still having "module with custom skins" problems I can help out now that I got it to work. You've probably figured it out already but just in case :) Your update is awesome!

  18. Ah, gotcha. The best I could get is an animated body with un-animated head. Tried for weeks to figure it out but nothing... I'm positive it could be solved with the right hex editing but I don't understand jack sh*t about that whole hexing heads thing :p

  19. I'm sure you can find what you need in the game's plc files. What in there doesn't quite work for you? Also check out your thread. I think I know your problem with kotor tool but I need to see what your deal is.

  20. What kind of new placeables are you looking for? I can't model much more than swords or guns for the most part but just wondering if I might be able to take a crack at it.

  21. Hey do you need to do any more work on the station itself or just the sidequest? Because I'm going to need it really soon and I can help you get your part done so I can start work on it.

  22. Should be like "g_a_jedirobe" something.

  23. I didn't give you a .uti file so you have to make one. It should be in BIFs>Templates>Blueprint, item. It's called "g_a_class5001.uti". So double click that and edit it as you please ;)

  24. The ones I just sent you are for the heavy combat suit model. So what you're going to want to do is edit the heavy combat suit .uti and change the "texture variation" field to whatever number you want like in that tutorial. Is that what you mean?

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