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  1. Hey dude, thanks so much for those nominations, I really appreciate it!! I've just been so busy with life lately I haven't been able to stop by the forums let alone do any modding. Thanks again, talk to you soon :)

  2. I did send it to you long ago but it's unlikely that I have it. Check your old e-mails.

  3. Thank you sir :) much appreciated, hope things are well.

  4. Hey thank you for noticing! :)

  5. Happy Thanksgiving to you too! :) Sorry but I haven't really had time to do anything other than crawl around the forums a bit lately. Feel free to PM me with any issues you have going on.

  6. Thanks bud! Hope you had a good one :)

  7. Do you mean Kreia's regular robe or just reskinning the weird Traya robe things? I'd be happy to but I really haven't had time for much lately. Just so there's no rush I'll be glad to help you out.

  8. Hey, I did but I really don't know enough about the program to tell you your problem. Your best bet is to do some really hardcore thread searching and see what you find - odds are you get your answer. I'll snoop around a little for you as well :)

  9. Damn really? That sucks horribly but thanks for the heads up. I haven't been around too much lately... glad to hear you're using my skins that's awesome :) can't wait to see.

  10. Sorry, but you can't use it. Normally I really wouldn't care but it's my original artwork so I really don't want people using it anywhere public. But if you want there's a big version in my avatars album and you can use it as your background... Or something :p

  11. Not a problem, feel free to ask anything you might need :thmbup1:

  12. I thought that must be the problem but wanted to check with you before I screwed around with all my files (about 60) for no reason. Thanks so much!

  13. Hey Tim, I'm following your lip synching tut but can't get past the makephn command. I just get this error:


    Show spoiler
    (hidden content - requires Javascript to show)
  14. Oh ok haha I guess I just assumed :p but yeah they're all in and awesome. It's so cool to finally see the character come alive weeeee!!11!

  15. So far so good. Is someone else that you're giving VOs to having that problem? If so let 'em know that it's not the file but the way they're putting in the dlg file. I think everyone goes through that problem at some point haha.

  16. Just want to let you know how awesome those VOs turned out. I can't thank you enough!! I'm super excited to get the lips going and everything :D

  17. IIRC it's all finished, I just need to send it to you sometime. Life's been too busy! Can't even boot up my modding computer...

  18. Thanks, I've been messing around in illustrator and that's what I came up with :p thank you for all your hard work with the VOs!

  19. When are you free tonight? I'll make time to hop on the chat and do some modding.

  20. I can get to the page ok but when I reach the download (I think its gamefront something or other) it just said not found. Oh geeze haha I did forget to attach the files :rolleyes: I have class in a few but will send them when I get back!

  21. No worries at all :) everything's done except for a couple other VOs and lips to match and then one sidequest is waiting on some sweet modules from someone else. Don't think anyone knows about the modules :¬:


    I could give you an early release beta (without one sidequest) if you wanted.

  22. Wow couldn't have asked for more than that. Thanks soo much :D

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