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  1. What is the social group "Knights of the Old Republic: Jedi Knights" thing, cause i hate joining without knowing what it is about.

  2. Hey do you know why in JM mod in Ettie IV it is like nar shadda and when i go to "The Company" door it takes me to Corascant?

  3. how is your improvement mod going

  4. Can you give us a percentage on the expansion progress. :)

  5. Are you a revan fan too?

  6. did you get me PM

  7. No i understand everybody seems to be doing that but since i don't know zippo about modding i don't say anything. But would you mind telling me what it is about you can PM me if you want. :)

  8. Thanks but for some reason it wasn't there.

  9. Whats up with the Return of Revan pic in your about me profile :x

  10. It just wasn't there when i looked the first time. :p

  11. Um whats up with the friend request?

  12. I know I have already played it through when it first came out but i couldn't find them i ran everywhere looking for them

  13. Sorry I have been haveing problems with my computer :headbump and when i post something sometimes it won't show up so i figure it didn't post so i do it again


    I was wondering how do you like copy something that someone has already said and put it on the message your typing.

  14. It is looking good keep up the good work:).

  15. what voice are you useing for Revan and Bastila

  16. Is it going to be fully voice acted or is it going to be like, you talk to them and they say "Hey" and then every thing else is you just have to read it, if that makes sense.

  17. It did have its flaws and you should get more people to do the voice acting to complete it

  18. Hey I just played through your Kotor 2 Jedi Masters mod the other day it was a good storyline and i enjoyed it but the only thing i didn't like is Revan dieing no offense but you should of had the PC character do it.

  19. Hey I just sighned in do you have a clue when this will be done

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