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  1. I have to know if the soundtrack contain the 2nd greatest video game song of all time known as “Welcome to the Zoo”?
  2. Indiana Jones and the Sunset Cruise.
  3. Seeing that a good amount of people have now finished playing and replaying Return to Monkey Island (still no spoilers), I’m looking to decide what to play next. I think it’s relatively safe to say that Lucasarts/Lucasfilm, Terrible Toybox, and Telltale games don’t require recommendations. As a recommendation I’ve started up Obra Dinn and I am loving it so far!
  4. I was listening to a podcast reviewing all the Monkey Island games and they described Escape as being a Sam and Max game in a pirate setting, and I think that’s a good way to describe the humor and storyline (the podcast reviewers also really did not like EMI though). Its so interesting hearing the diverse opinions on why each game is their favorite. I’ll want to revisit my larger list and do a deeper dive for why I like (not so much dislike for any point and click, barring Broken Age) the games and what makes each special.
  5. I think it’s this, Ron mentioned that the note was going to be in the chest in lieu of the current item.
  6. I had the same problem and I was frustrated that I used a hint on it because I technically had the solution but it was the implementation that threw me off.
  7. I think you’ve sold me on doing a Cave replay. I don’t remember much about my first playthrough.
  8. With Craig Derrick at the helm I’m really hoping we see the Mansion sequel and some remasters coming our way soon!
  9. Yeah I can’t help but imagine that it was Disney/Lucasfilm that requested all the “conclusion” verbiage be scrapped from the game’s marketing. Not necessarily to make games with it, but to always have the option to make a future game and/or retain the IP for royalties.
  10. The more I sit and think on Return to MI, the more appreciation I have for Tales of Monkey Island (which I already really like). The Crossroads (with the automated boat ride, vignette scenes, the MI2 tunnel music) fits perfectly in with the now revealed secret.
  11. I just want to buy my Secret T-Shirt, and maybe some other merchandise too.
  12. It’s not much and I shared this previously, but I built a Monkey Island boat ride on Planet Coaster.
  13. It’s a stretch but I’d love for them to do a Remaster with new solutions and puzzles and a soundtrack (Neil Cicierega would be a great choice as he helped with the Deluxe version)
  14. Monkey Island Ranked 1. Secret of Monkey Island 2. Return to Monkey Island 3. Tales of Monkey Island 4. Curse of Monkey Island 5. Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge 6. Escape from Monkey Island Ranking all Lucasfilm (and others) Games 1. Secret of Monkey Island 2. Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis 3. Grim Fandango 4. Return to Monkey Island 5. Tales of Monkey Island 6. Curse of Monkey Island 7. Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge 8. Day of the Tentacle 9. Thimbleweed Park 10. Sam and Max: DP 11. Full Throttle 12. Sam and Max: BTS 13: Sam and Max: STW 14. Escape from Monkey Island 15. Sam and Max: HTR 16. Maniac Mansion 17. Indy Last Crusade 18. Loom 19. The Dig 20. Zak McCracken 21. Broken Age
  15. That also makes a lot more sense about the reference to the Nintendo™ game (retrofitted to Lucasarts game in the special edition) and the Junior Ultra Soldier Commando Assault Vehicle™.
  16. They had to cut her to avoid the game getting an “M for Mature” rating. They said her character brought in too much violin-ce.
  17. I played it on the switch and I too need to give smooches for the chef. Probably one of the best ports I’ve played.
  18. I haven’t tried it yet and/or not sure if it’s been posted elsewhere but you can free (Spoiler) at the end of the game. You need the serial number from the shackles that are on Le Ship.
  19. I adored the ending so much. It hit home for me personally, as I was once able to walk around the sets of a large pirate-themed attraction and It felt just like that moment, where I was transported back onto Melee and the world around me came to life.
  20. Has it been confirmed about the multiple endings? I know Ron mentioned it in an interview previously.
  21. The game gets a 0/10 for me for not being able to pick up the staple remover. …but besides that, this may be the best or 2nd best game. I’m doing a replay on casual mode to see if there’s anything I missed.
  22. So long and thanks for all the fish! I can’t wait to come back after finishing the game.
  23. So uh… Monkey Island Monday is tomorrow! Any predictions for what will drop?
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