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  1. There seems to be a lot of hype around Monkey Island Mondays…
  2. I really want the Fate of Atlantis box set to include a box full of orichalcum beads and a wad of chewed gum 🤣
  3. In today’s “news for the slow news day”, the Thimbleweed Park account switched over to become the Terrible Toybox account, I have a feeling we will be seeing even more good times and free grog headed our way!
  4. I’m very excited for the prospect of #monkeyislandmonday! Maybe we’ll be getting closer to the release than we thought!
  5. Slight off-topic but I had the pleasure of working with Larry briefly on a work project. I had to do my best to not “fanboy” over his work but I told him how much I enjoyed CMI, and he was very polite and great to work with!
  6. Did Jesse Harlin’s cover of the Maniac Mansion theme ever surface? I’ve been looking for it for awhile on the web.
  7. I would be so excited if that happened. I really enjoyed the fan made Maniac Mansion Deluxe, but this would be so great to see.
  8. I would love a remaster of Zac McKracken but I’m also a wimp and would want a mode where I won’t run out of money in the game.
  9. The good news is Disney does acknowledge FOA, as they have featured Sophia’s necklace at Jock Lindsay’s Hangar Bar (their Indiana Jones bar) at Walt Disney World.
  10. Oh I loved the Crash and Spyro Remasters! Stuart Copeland’s soundtracks are up there in my top favorites.
  11. I know it’s just a dream wishlist and may not likely happen, but I’m curious what games you all would like to see remastered and what features you’d like to see included. My list is below: The Curse of Monkey Island - Remastered Graphics (That ESRGAN upscale that Laserschwert made was perfect, and/or Bill Tiller was shopping around his examples as well) - Live Orchestration Soundtrack because banjos. - Additional cutscenes added would love to see the Elaine cutscenes from the finale - “Plank of Love” music video - developer commentary Escape from Monkey Island - Remastered Graphics - similar to the Grim Fandango treatment - Add in the Monkey Kombat Chart to keep track of combinations Tales of Monkey Island - Remastered graphics - the Skunkape team did such a great job with Sam & Max that my hope is that they could someday give the same treatment to this series - Developer Commentary - Flow the chapters together similar to Sam & Max Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis -You guessed it, remastered graphics - Live orchestration - Because I love this soundtrack - new Voice acting - controversial, but as much as I Love Doug Lee as Indy, the rest of it feels a little dated If I was feeling extra I would add Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine too but I’m not sure what I would want from it. But I’m curious to see what your dream remasters are!
  12. I didn’t even think of that before! Now I’m speculating even further about it.
  13. I am very appreciative of the Mojo team for putting out this tweet, it’s a great way to promote the positivity and adoration for this game!
  14. Do you all think there is anything we can do to better promote the positivity and support for the development teams? I feel fueled up to fight this with adoration but I don’t know how.
  15. I would definitely like to see a reference to the ultimate insult or the EMI islands or even some of the characters (mostly Miss Rivers).
  16. This bums me out pretty good… my only hope is that any person associated with the development of this game knows about this site and reads what we have to say instead of such toxic nonsense.
  17. Ok I’ve got my ridiculous speculation: Return to Monkey Island branches out across the entire timeline, with flashback chapters on Melee that take place right after MI1, and chapters taking place between each of the games in the series (maybe not EMI but Tales)
  18. They’ve got the replacement ready to go!
  19. Forgive my profanity but this trailer is just so gosh darn good. I get more hyped by each viewing.
  20. I feel like the internet is always going to internet about something and complain. I usually tend to avoid online discussions but this pulled me out of the woodwork after lurking on this site/scummbar.com for 23 years. Everyone here is so excited and looking forward to this game, and while I’m probably biased, I think this community is the best and our excitement matters to the team over a smattering of blog comments.
  21. Grog XD is such a throwback… and I appreciate that reference was put in TMI ep. 5
  22. It looks like the game will be picking up right at the end of EMI where Timmy the Monkey monkey-kombats Guybrush off the cliff!
  23. Actually I found if you squint and turn your head to the left, it looks like a Skull! Very scary!
  24. Wow there’s so much to unpack in this trailer! It looks amazing!
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