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  1. The candle bit had me legitimately laughing out loud. Thank you for making this!
  2. At the Lucre Island jail when Guybrush looks at the Iron Maiden he responds with “Iron Maiden! Excellent!” from Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure. I wish the World of MI website was still around, they had a comprehensive list of all the in-jokes and pop culture references for all the games.
  3. There’s a “Waiting for Godot/Guybrush” joke to be made here… I’m just not clever enough to land it.
  4. So during the pandemic I took up playing Planet Coaster (I’m a bit of a theme park fan on the side) and I put together this obligatory boat ride. It’s not the most polished it could be, but I enjoyed putting this together. https://youtu.be/OxIZSr0dSYA
  5. Well I’m 0 for 2. Let me try it this way. “I am feeling pretty confident that we will not see a Return to Monkey Island trailer today.”
  6. At the start of this year I did my full playthrough of the series to commemorate the Limited Run box set. I plan on replaying the first 3 (no special editions) to prepare myself again!
  7. I feel like a 2023 release alongside the movie is realistic, so we should see some trailer! But then again I said the same thing yesterday too with Devolver…
  8. Nothing says Indiana Jones and adventure like hearing dialogue like “Kerner! What a slimy toad!” (Also your walkthrough got me through the tough spots in the game, so I have to give credit where it’s due)
  9. I think the perfect gameplay trailer would be Guybrush doing wrong solutions on a puzzle so we only get to hear Dominic say three lines: “I’m not picking that up” ”I can’t use it” ”hmm no”
  10. Oh I forgot about the Mysts of Time! That went on way too long, and the tank controls would change direction when on a new screen and send you into the wrong direction too quickly and then have to start over. Now that I look back more on it, There are a lot of EMI puzzles that could be in the running for “Worst non-Gabriel Knight 3 puzzle in an Adventure game”.
  11. I do agree with this, partially because I’m still recovering from the sting of sitting through “Devolver presents Loud Noises™“ without an MI trailer. I’m hoping we get something tangible soon. Side note, the “I wonder what happens” series by Marius was the highlight of waiting through the Tales season.
  12. Here are some of my hot takes: - EMI was the funniest Lucasarts game. - The shopkeeper’s vault puzzle in MI1, and the Vista Point boulder puzzle in MI4 are far worse puzzles than Monkey Kombat. - Tales of Monkey Island episodes 4 and 5 are the best acts in any Monkey Island game. - I would welcome an Infernal Machine remaster before a Fate of Atlantis remaster.
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