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  1. I thought about doing the rump roast but I don’t know if it’s legal for me to add the “condiment” for the recipe.
  2. What a great interview! It was also neat hearing a brief history on the Mojo site too.
  3. To celebrate the launch, I’m thinking of putting together a celebratory meal featuring the food from the games. I’ve listed what I’m putting together so far below: MI1: Grog (the real world recipe not the game, I'm fine consuming battery acid and SCUMM, but pepperoni in my drink is where I draw the line) MI4: “Kudu” Jerky Pretzel MI2: Saltines (yeah I know… but there’s like three food items in the game and I’m not putting a rat in a vichyssoise) MI3: Blondbeard’s chicken and biscuit (I’m working on something to make that “special flavor”) ”AND MORE SLAW!” MI5: Hardtack’s Potatoes I’ll try to post pictures once I make it later this week.
  4. Absolute gem of a video. I love seeing the pictures of the previous games done in this new artwork style. I really hope there are the written memoirs that were found on the boxes included in the scrapbook.
  5. I feel like there’s got to be something in the works, Struzan is to film posters and artwork as John Williams is to film scores. Even James Mangold tweeted about how nice it would be to work alongside him for this project.
  6. Look… I’m not saying that I was dumb enough to try and change my Switch internal clock to September 19th to play the game… but according to my sources it does not work.
  7. So are there more windows or doors in the Monkey Island games?
  8. I want an achievement for holding your breath for exactly 9:59 minutes.
  9. One final Monkey Island Monday!! I’m predicting we’ll see the Scrapbook retelling of the previous games. …or since I’ll only have one last time to place a foolish guess, they’ll release the game a week early 🤣
  10. Mojo: Stressing out Ron Gilbert since ‘97.
  11. The worst Indiana Jones was the tv series. I hated that Crystal Skull referenced it (riding with Pancho Villa) and made it canon.
  12. I was guilty of a “when will episode 2 drop” post. I now know it will release August 20, 2009. Sorry Jake and Telltale!
  13. The headpiece to the Staff of Ra and the temple of doom voodoo doll/pin are now available for order on ShopDisney. https://www.shopdisney.com/indiana-jones-staff-of-ra-headpiece-465051893528.html?isProductSearch=1&plpPosition=undefined&searchType=autosuggest-popular&siteSearchTopProduct=1
  14. I’m looking forward to the eventual (not to mention literal) secret history!
  15. I have said the same thing when it comes to Psychonauts 1 (meat circus) and Brutal Legend as well. Amazing stories and environments, but the gameplay always misses at times.
  16. I’m torn, it almost feels sacrilegious to not have my first playthrough be on the PC like the previous 5 games. On the other hand, I’ll get Monkey Island on the go (excluding previous iOS editions/Steam Deck). What the heck, I’ll probably end up getting both.
  17. In less than one month we will all be learning the Secret of Monkey Island. That’s such a surreal feeling.
  18. “Siri, play “What a fool believes” by the Doobie Brothers”
  19. I’m feeling foolish today, I’m predicting a surprise game drop tomorrow. Or at the very least, a release date. Or at the very, very least, more gameplay video.
  20. I give them credit for showing restraint on changing the name of the SCUMM Bar to (New Engine Name) Bar.
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