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  1. i know this is not important but who made the term bump. i'm kinda new at this forum terminlogies and till this day i still don't know whats the whole deal with BUMP. i don't get the concept at all. i think its pointless.


    ok enough with that, jolts i really think the head is very accurate and can't do anymore to it. i think its perfect as it is. can't wait till you start skinning it. its going to look awesome.

  2. hows the sound going to be like??? i know he talks english in the comic books. just an idea but it would be kool if he sounds like the predator. good or bad idea, what do you think?

  3. you know who got a mess up nose worst than liam's, owen wilson. he got a butt for a nose, seriously.


    toonces, terror is right about the eyes. it looks like he just took acid. make it a bit smaller.

  4. well your avatar, location, signature had something relating to LOTR so i figured you were more of a LOTR fan since this is a SW forums. my fault.


    anyways your comment " Please for the love of God!!! C'mon, C'mon, C'mon, C'mon, C'mon, C'mon, C'mon, C'mon, C'mon, C'mon, C'mon, C'mon, C'mon, C'mon! " i know exactly what your talking about now. when wayne was talking to darren right. it was a funny scene c'mon c'mon.....


    i can't wait for this model neither. han and chewie side by side, coming soon. leia seems upset though..

  5. the sounds are great i don't know about taunt2 though. maybe because theres music in the background. also in the movies doesn't he say " may the force be with you " or " use the force. " i haven't seen it for a while it just pops up in my head when i think about ben. umm... the morgan model taunt uses " may the force be with you " and it kinda sounds like him. i don't know its your call do whatever pleases you.

  6. Originally posted by MysticSpade

    that Samuel L. Jackson sound stuff is hilarious i put that on my favorites list from now on when ppl ask me a question i just click on one of the sound clips



    i told you its hilarious. imagine if mace windu says in the beginning of a fight " your a$$ ain't talking way out of this $hlt. " i know it doesn't fit mace windu but it would sound so cool though.

  7. werd, can i get a few body shots as well nah just playing. some people just don't have patience.



    for a LOTR fan you sure are hype up over starwars models. imagine if there was a LOTR model in progress. boy you have a heart attack after first post.

  8. i don't think so. i think the model is done just a few touch ups i guess. i'm thinking the sounds needs work. but i don't understand how come we havent yet heard any updates lately. i hope he didn't abandon this project. don't want to see this model go to waist.

  9. yeah sorry bout that. got a little carried away. i just don't like it when people jump to conclusions. start talkin when they don't even know whats going on. also about that mentally disable comment, i didn't meant it like that though. i'm just sayin it was stupid for him to say that. so i did edit my post. sorry if i offended anyone.


    insanesith, i know what you were tryin to say but the name calling wasn't really necessary. so please watch what you say. try to get your point across without cursing.

  10. ummmmmm.......i think you are a little bit too late with that comment. feeling stupid i bet. anyway, we already moved on. but whats with name calling here. what was that last word you were tryin to say??? can't seem to make it out. but i think you were cursing at me. no no no not allowed in here. you better wash your mouth.


    and keo is right, for being such a jerk saying i can't talk proper english you can't even put words together to make a decent sentence. proofread your post because if that was an eassy you better leave the class room right now cuz you failed. next time you better think before you say something. word for word. don't think too fast though it might hurt you.

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